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Got sentenced to 90 days in jail for 2nd dui. appealed and went to rehab before courtdate and got paid lawyer nd fines can be
paid..will they still give me the 90 days
(1) You haven't provided nearly enough information for anyone here to answer your question, and (2) your question...
How does one go about getting a court appointed lawyer ? My daughter age 24 rec'd a DUI in Murphy NC last month.
Supposedly was outside the parked vehicle, no keys in the ignition and outside a hotel visiting with friends and was approached by an officer. Next thing he was arresting her for a DUI.....she is currently unemployed and needs a court appointed lawyer to help fight this case.
At her next court hearing she can request a public defender from the judge. The judge will ask her questions under oh...
Can a probation officer work as a bartender on the side?
A probation officer in murphy, N.C. also, works as a server at a restaurant. Serving food and boozee. Conflict of interest?
I don't see why they couldn't. I understand why you would dislike that, but I don't see it as a conflict.
I live in Murphy, NC and I got a DUI. there is only one place to do the classes and the woman won't sign me up.
This person is the only person to have dui classes in Cherokee county. She hangs up on me every time I call. Is there a way I can take these classes on line. Also, how do I go about reporting her to the ethics committee or board of theorpy or whatever it is called
If you have an attorney, then ask them to intervene on your behalf. If that doesn't work, then call the North Carolina...
Can I be charged for DUI in NC that I received in 2013
I was charged with a DUI 2/2013 at a traffic stop. My attorney has put the case off until this month 11/16. Is there a statue of limitation for being charged?
As a DWI is a misdemeanor in NC, there is a 2-year statute of limitations for the State to bring the "charge" against...
Looking for a dui attorney in hickory
Old case, 2004. Dui in hickory, looking for an attorney that can help me with a reasonable flat fee.
Interesting scenario. Did you miss your court date from 2004, and recently served with the Order for Arrest, or has it...
If I just received A DUI conviction in TN and have a pending DUI conviction in NC, can TN make me receive more punishment?
DUI conviction on 22 November 2016, and arrest on 29 October 2016, prior revocation due to outstanding payment on previous DUI in 2009.
If you're licensed by TN , then get convicted of a DWI in NC after being convicted of DUI in TN, then TN DSHS will...