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How do I know exactly when I can have the interlock device removed and what is involved w/ getting a new non-restricted license?
I currently have a restricted TN driver's license for 1st DUI conviction. I have done everything according to all of the law and rules. My interlock device is approaching it's 12th month of being in my vehicle (end of July) which is the time mandated by the state. My restricted license will expire during the month August 2016.
Call DMV and ask them when you can get it removed.
What exactly is good time when your in jail and how does it work?
If someone was charged with 2nd dui and sentenced 70 days, the da said the 45 days is mandatory but after that he can get good time in county jail.what exactly does this mean?? He said the 45 days will be day for day but the other 25 can be good time? So how long will he accually be gone? I heard good time in county is 2 for 1..does this mean he can only do the 45 and an additional 12.5?? Please help need to know asap! Also so u have to ask for good time or how does tht work?
That means that he'll get good time work time credits which will ultimately reduce the sentence served. As for the...
What's going to happen? 2nd dui violation of Probation and driving on revoked
Hi I'm looking for advice, my husband got his first dui in sept.2014 in Jan of 2015 was sentenced to 2 days in jail and 11/29 probation.. He never got in any trouble until Oct of 2015 were he was arrested for 2nd dui as well as driving on revoked ( we have a letter from the state proposing suspension of licence but not til after the date he got in trouble , so idk if his license were still good at the time?) He was bonded out and a month later arrested for violation of Probation 1 St offense bonded out again and they combined all charges to be settled with new charges this my question is what will happen at court? We have 4 kids and he need to be here to provide, so how long will he accually have to serve and what's a likey Probation period? This court case will have these charges: Dui 2nd offence Driving on revoked Violation of Probation 1st offence ** there has been no more problems before or after wat has been mentioned and all Probation requirement were met as well, just really need options on what may happen as we cannot afford a lawyer. Please any and all info would be helpful thank you so much! We are in Murfreesboro tn
If he was in Washington he would be told to bring a toothbrush to court because he is likely going to jail. He has not...
Can a state trooper in TN open my door and pull me out?
He did this for suspecting me driving under the influence. I recorded the whole thing. He pulled me over for speeding yet I didn't get a speeding ticket.
Depends. Did he ask you to exit the vehicle and you didn't comply with his request? Did he already have enough probable...
What is a reasonable price for an attorney for a DUI probation violation?
DUI probation. I had a false positive drug test in January. I have done everything that I was supposed to do to get the violation dropped, but yesterday I failed to report. I called as soon as I remembered, but it was closed. I went by this morning and spoke to the officer. Does this mean they will not drop the previous DUI probation violation?
First off - there is no such thing as a "reasonable" price for a lawyer. Any amount of money you spend is money you did...
How long do you have to wait to get a hardship if you are classified as habitiual offender
I have four first offence dui's and 1 wrecklace driving . I have a 3 year revocation it has been a year and a half.
CAll you local dmv and a find out when you're eligible to apply for a restricted license.
Did I pass my drug test
I took a drug test 2weeks ago and been nervous. When I went back today she didn't say anything about the drug test. Is that good or bad or do they not have it back yet?
You should know if you passed it or not. Did you take anything that would cause you to fail it? If not, then you...