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Charged with dui and implied consent on January 2014.
My bac was less than .08 and dui charge dropped but still surrendered my license for one year under implied consent law paid a $98 fine , never appeared in front of a judge and walked out the court room. Now I'm having employment issues because I didn't surrender license till March 2015, so basically 2 years ago although the arrest was 3 years ago. My driving record shows license suspension for refusing blood breath test/ violation of implied consent law. Obviously all potential employers say well you've had a dui within the last 2 years and we can't hire you for another year. ( 3 year look back ) can this be expunged and or is it being recorded correctly?
If the case was dismissed, then you need to go to the Clerk's office where the case was dismissed and asked them what...
How long does it normally take blood drug test come back for court in state of tenn?
My 19 yr old had been charged DUI (influence drug) back in sept. She went court this morning and they put court off till march due to test not being back. How long does it normally tale cause it been almost 4months now.... And if for some reason when go back court in march and still not back will they drop charge? Or what does all this mean?
The labs the state uses is very backed up right now so that time frame is normal. To see if your sons case could...
What if I missed one meeting by a truly honest mistake in Rutherford Co, TN misdemeanor probation.
I have always reported on Tuesdays since the offices were closed on the 3rd, I thought my appointment was in the 10th. It was an honest mistake. Got a text from my officer stating I missed and could I please come see her, she said no just come see her next Thursday, but it will still be a failure to report. In 7 months I've never missed, paying on my fines, and passed all 4 of my drug test. I asked what does that mean and she said we would discuss it. It was an honest mistake, will I be arrested week? Thank you
The probation officer could still report that you failed to appear at your scheduled meet time. You should meet with an...
Am I eligible for a Tennessee hardship license?
I am 21, and the only person I live with is my father (who is disabled) and is unable to drive. My license is suspended because there is a hold on it for financial responsibility of an uninsured accident.
Perhaps best to ask Tennessee DMV get on their web site out or consult with a local traffic ticket Attorney no way to...
Can a defense attorney request an unlimited number of continuances for his/her client in a DUI 4 case?
Friend was charged with DUI 4 and violating implied consent law. Claims he's been to court 3 times regarding this case and his attorney was able to get a continuance each time. He has another hearing next week and attorney is going to request another continuance. Are they're any limits on continuances? If so, what are the limits? All of this has occurred in Rutherford county.
A case cannot be continued forever. I practice in Rutherford County and continuances are granted to attorneys with...
I got pulled over driving a 50cc scooter and my driver's license is revoked.this will be my 5th offense,what could possibly happ
I was pulled over by the police driving a 50cc scooter in Murfreesboro license is revoked.what could happen?
You will likely go to jail if you are convicted.
After accepting a plea deal that requires probation, how long until my first probabtion meeting?
Can i be drug tested the day of court? Or will it be with tue probabtion officer
Usually it's with the probation officer and you usually have to report within a couple days to a week.