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Can a state trooper in TN open my door and pull me out?
He did this for suspecting me driving under the influence. I recorded the whole thing. He pulled me over for speeding yet I didn't get a speeding ticket.
Depends. Did he ask you to exit the vehicle and you didn't comply with his request? Did he already have enough probable...
What is a reasonable price for an attorney for a DUI probation violation?
DUI probation. I had a false positive drug test in January. I have done everything that I was supposed to do to get the violation dropped, but yesterday I failed to report. I called as soon as I remembered, but it was closed. I went by this morning and spoke to the officer. Does this mean they will not drop the previous DUI probation violation?
First off - there is no such thing as a "reasonable" price for a lawyer. Any amount of money you spend is money you did...
How long do you have to wait to get a hardship if you are classified as habitiual offender
I have four first offence dui's and 1 wrecklace driving . I have a 3 year revocation it has been a year and a half.
CAll you local dmv and a find out when you're eligible to apply for a restricted license.
What should he except?
(0)“First time dui offender with 0 criminal history has a .41 bac, two underage kids were in the car but there were no injurys or damage to property involved in the case.
This is a serious case with some substantial possible charges. You need to reach out to an attorney ASAP. With the...
Did I pass my drug test
I took a drug test 2weeks ago and been nervous. When I went back today she didn't say anything about the drug test. Is that good or bad or do they not have it back yet?
You should know if you passed it or not. Did you take anything that would cause you to fail it? If not, then you...
I got a DUI in 1986 on Ft Lewis WA,Puyallup WA. Can it be expunged?
Pulled over by MP s. Saw a magistrate. Sentenced to 24 hrs and alcohol awareness training
Talk to a TN attorney. Most offenses can be expunged if you have not gotten additional offenses after the DUI (...
How Do I find out a BAC that was taken in late May 2014 in Murfreesboro (Rutherford County TN)?
I was stopped by Murfreesboro Police and subsequently charged with DUI. Court date is about 2 weeks out and I would like to know the BAC results prior to the first appearance. Do I contact the police department, call the officer or what? Any advice would be appreciated
Unlikely you will find that out before the first court date. As attorneys we are always waiting for discovery which is...