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Pulled over for dui
i was pulled over last night under suspicion of drunk driving. the cop took me to the police station and breathalyzed me there. told me i was over the legal limit. then asked if i was able to find a ride home. i didn't have to set bail or anything. he told me i would receive a packet in the mail in a month. did i get a dui?
Yes, based on what you described, you were arrested for suspicion of DUI and will be formally charged at a later date.
Got pulled over...SFST supposedly failed..took me immediately to hospital where blood was drawn
Additional information would be needed to make such a determination. For example, why were you stopped; which implied...
I received a 3rd DUI , while suspended licence. Hearing is on 10/27/16 . Im looking for a postponement due to surgery on 11/1/16
Spinal surgery, is being rushed due to pinched nerves. Is it possible to get a postponement?
Given you situation I hope you have an attorney. If you don't contact the court and request a continuance in writing....
Should I plead not guilty or guilty to a underage drinking charge in Pennsylvania?
I had a couple beers last night. Then I was sitting @ a gas station with my friend who is known in my town as a bad boy. A cop saw the man in my car and waiting at the exit of the gas station for a half hour until we left. As we were leaving I threw a cup that was leaking out the window, so he pulled me over. He was nice until he saw the guy in my car (said he'd charge me a literring)then told me to step out, said I smelled like alcohol and searched the car. Had a case of beer in my trunk. he hand held breathalyzed me and I was over (not sure by how much). Said he'd cut me a break & charge me w an underage and littering. In pa, I know a underage comes with a mandatory 3 month license suspension. My friend pled not guilty & explianed his situation and they let him take a class and avoid the suspension. So I was wondering if I should do the same? I've never been in front of a judge and never get in trouble (except once I fervor w/o a license & had to pay a fine when I was 18). Should I go and explain to the judge that I commute to college everyday and won't be able to go without a license? Let me know your thoughts, please! Thank you all.
You should not plead guilty. You should hire a lawyer and listen to the advice they provide. Many of us provide free...
My DUI is Listed as Grade 'S' on the Magisterial District Court Docket Sheets
Got a tier 1 DUI 5 years ago after being stopped at a checkpoint. Now I'm looking to purchase a firearm, but am confused. The general consensus seems to be that ALL DUIs are AT LEAST a misdemeanor offense. When I look up my court documents, however, my conviction is listed as a grade 'S,' which I assume stands for 'Summary.' Furthermore, it's my understanding that no one can purchase a firearm if they've ever had a misdemeanor conviction that COULD be punishable by more than 1 year in jail. Am I in the clear since mine is listed as a summary offense which carries a maximum punishment of 90 days? Thanks in advance.
It must be a mistake that your DUI was listed as a summary. However if you want to be sure request a copy of your...
Can I appeal my DUI license suspension if the term from PenDOT isn't what was agreed upon at my trial?
I was supposed to receive a 12 month license suspension after mu DUI conviction, but the documentation from PenDOT came back with 18 months. I am looking for a DL-21 document which I thought would help clarify the situation but that can't be found. I am also looking for court transcripts but can only find the docket online. Is it worth appealing and should I get an attorney to help? 6 months additional is a very big deal for me. Thanks.
It seems that you have answered your own question. If the additional 6 months suspension is a "very big deal" for you;...
How should i plead in dui case where, aside from the officers observations, the only admissible test was the hgn flashlight test
Initially pulled over for speeding. In pa, dui law has changed in that blood tests are no longer admissible. Breath test taken 3 times with unreliable results
Plead not guilty. Blood results will be admissible with a warrant.