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  • Libraries to receive Crime Stoppers book

    Monday Aug 10 | via PR Log 

    PRLog - Aug. 10, 2015 - BURLINGTON, Ontario -- Copies of the book - What is Crime Stoppers - are being randomly donated to libraries across North America. The 304 page book, which details how Crime Stoppers operates around the world, is being sent to local Crime Stoppers programs with a request they be presented to area libraries.


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  • Mundelein sex offender pleads not guilty to child po...

    Jul 30, 2015 | via Daily Herald 

    A registered sex offender from Mundelein, who was arrested after a search of his Ivanhoe Estates home allegedly turned up a multitude of child pornography images, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Lake County court. Nicholas Lee Hermann, 54, of North Sky Crest Drive, faces 80 to 300 years in prison if found guilty on all 20 counts of possession of child pornography of victims under the age of 13, Assistant State's Attorney Mary Stanton said.


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Underage drinking in lake county IL consequences
i was arrested this summer for underage drinking, although it was a terrible mistake im scared that the situation doesnt look good on my end. I was arrested at 5:30 am walking around heavily intoxicated. i was a complete mess crying, but thats all i can remember. Terrible, i know.. but i'm very scared that i'm going to get my diver licenced taken from me. I haven't started driving but plan on taking drivers ed soon. I do not have a lawyer and i'm not very sure what to say to the judge. i'm extremely, extremely nervous. Also, this is my first time getting in any trouble with the police. can someone tell me what im expecting to happen, what to say, and how much i might be paying. thank you.
If you cannot afford a lawyer ask for one to be appointed A conviction will look terrible for driving, college...
Underage drinking citation in Lake County, IL. What is likely to be my punishment?
After leaving a house where my friends and I were hanging out, we were stopped by officers who were driving by, investigating a different matter. After one of my friends admitted we were waiting for our DD, the officers knew we had been drinking and gave us all a PBT. I had drank only one beer that night and blew a .018. Our DD blew .00. Now me and some of my other friends who blew over .00 have court dates and I am really nervous. I have never so much as been pulled over by a cop before and have no experience with legal matters (I am 18). The cop told me that the citation was on par with a speeding ticket and the citation itself says I was in violation of a "local ordinance." My main concerns are not having this on my record, and not getting my license suspended. What should I do?
Supervision at worse. Call an attorney to help you work through the process.
I failed my baiid test twice
I drank the night before i started my car, i blew a .032 that day, and i freaked out and went and bought a portable breathalizer. I used the portable breathalizer recently to make sure i was ok, it read .00 and i tried to start my car and i blew a .025. I've learned my lesson and will not be drinking the night before i need to drive. i might just quite drinking all together i can't afford to lose my rdp. i had two duis, my license was revoked and i am at significant risk level. i just got my rdp this was my first month with the baiid in the car. Are they going to take my rdp away from me? I will never screw this up again i hope they give me a chance.
No what they will do is find that you had two violations. When you go for reinstatement you will have to explain what...
Can a person that has 3 dui's and sentenced to 3 years in DOC in Illinois still get a green card?
my husband has 3 dui's and is sentenced to 3 years in doc in Illinois but has a credit of 105 days and has to serve 50% of his sentence can he still get his green card and become a resident because iam a us citizen of the united states. and also will immigration pick him up after he's done with his sentence at doc? he already has an immigration court on October 14,2014 do to his second dui and was let out on a $6,ooo bond from immigration. will they give him another bond or just let him out from doc until his immigration court what can I do to prevent deportaion or removal of the united states for him??? please let me know as soon as possible thanks.
I have changed the practice area to Immigration.
What are the chances my second dui could get reduced to reckless driving?
I got my second while on probation for my first and I was wondering if there was any chance I could get it reduced to reckless driving
hard to say. Reductions normally occur if there are weaknesses in the state's case. They are certainly not going to...
My fiance has the BAID device in his car..has had numbness and trouble blowing into it for a week now?? What is causing this?
I made him a Dr.s appointment for tomorrow. The numbness started on his tongue, now to his upper right lip. Now tingling is gone and is having trouble gripping the device with his lip being numb. HELP!
Contact the facility where he is renting the device from. Yours is the first I have heard of this problem.
What does the term first offender mean, when convicted of a 2nd Dui, where the first Dui was 13 years ago?
Both Dui's were in illinois, first one was in 96, & the second one was in 09.
I am not sure I understand your question, but "first offender" is a term of art. It means that in the last five years...