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Will my civilian charges (DUI) effect my military career?
I'm in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. I received a DUI as an underage driver in the state of Maryland on a weekend trip. I have not yet had my trial, and there are multiple options for me to pursue, one of them being probation before judgement. The issue with this is I don't know if probation will automatically disqualify me from continuing my service? I have already spoken to my commander and received a Letter of Reprimand and a lecture, but I was essentially told that I was being given a second chance. I was told by my commander that they used to wait for the civilian trial to choose punishments but they recently changed that due to lengthy periods of suffering. I suppose what I'm asking is, will my civilian charges effect me even though I was told I was going to be able to stay in? Also, what sort of plea should I attempt to receive if so? Thank you in advance for any information.
You should consult a JAG attorney.
How much jail time will i be facing with my first OVI in Ohio but three previous dui in PA, which were,2010 and 2002
we are 6 1/2 hours away i want to prepare for the sentencing
Although this would be better answered by an Ohio Attorney, the basics of Ohio law would be that there is a 6 year look...
How long will it take to get my ignition interlock license in the mail?
I sent in my forms to receive my license a few days prior to having ignition interlock put in my vehicle. I paid my restoration fee the day I lost my license that way I could get it back the day I was granted eligibility.
Check with the license authority on your state.
What would happen to a person with a DUI UPPER Level?
That has absolutely no money, no income. Would the person be placed in jail for the rest of their life if they could not pay fines, ect, ect?
No, you will not be placed in jail for the rest of your life, but you will have to get money together. You are in a lot...
I got 3 dui's in pa. can i get my license and not put a breathalyzer in, wait the 12 month and be able to drive leagaly?
they said i had to have the breathalyzer for 12 month, but if i didnt own a car i could get my license but not drive and wait the 12 month and be leagle to drive again
Any vehicles registered in your name will have to be equipped with ignition interlock unless you qualify for one of the...
What happens when I challenge jurisdiction in a court room?
If I enter into a court room with a gold-fringed US flag, did not step past the bar (stayed in the audience,) did not answer any questions to the judge and challenged his/her jurisdiction over me (as I am a natural person presenting a PERSON or FICTION,) what could the judge do? Please keep in mind that as a natural person, STATUTES do not apply to me.
I suggest you stop reading the Internet and higher a lawyer. Your question makes no sense.
Am I eligible for the ignition interlock system in the state of Pennsylvania
Plead guilty to dui, General Impairment on 08/04/2017. This is my first offense. I received no driver's license suspension as a result of the dui conviction. I am about to start a 12 month driving privilege suspension on 10/06/2017 for refusing blood analysis at the time of my arrest. Am I eligible for the ignition interlock immediately upon suspension?
You can find your answer on one of the pages linked here: