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I am pleading not guilty to DUI and/or reckless driving this morning. First offense, clean driving record. What else do I do?
I was driving 95 in i5 NB in Shoreline when I was pulled over with my lights off as well. I found out that my lights do not work at all... it's in the shop now. I have the receipt showing it's in the shop for multiple things, including the lights. I did not take breathlizer, I had one drink, and failed the FSTs. I was extremely tired from driving 5 hours from Spokane, WA after having only had 3 hours of sleep between the hours 9pm Monday night, till 12am Tuesday... I did that sleep in order to readjust to my work schedule, as I work the night shift. I am often tired driving. As well, I have bad night vision from having lazer in 2004/05. So, lack of dash lights and outside lights caused the speed, and being tired caused all of the issues, slurred speech, not slurred, but confused.
I would recommend two things to do. First, do not again post the details of your offense online to the public like you...
Second DUI, violated probation for first one. Am I gonna get 120 days in Jail possibly?
Got second DUI and have to go to court for the first one for probation violation. Am I gonna get 120 days in jail like Lindsay Lohan just got sentenced for 120 or her PV for stealing? Im scared, or do you think I may get what kind of punishments, is community service or EHM an option, if anyone has had a similiar case, an idea of my punishment would ease my mind. I appreciate it.
It's impossible to give you a likely outcome without knowing all of the facts of both cases. I defend DUI cases in...
How much will a dui lawyer cost me?
This is my first dui and I'm interested in knowing how much a lawyer would cost me
Anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. Price varies a lot, so does skill. Price is not always correlated with how good the...
What sentence could I get when I was accused of dui and they found baggies that use to have meth in them in my stuff at jail?
I crashed my car, no one else involved. I was arrested for dui. I deferred a double dui 7 years ago. I did not blow at scene. At police station I blew .074. Later at the jail they found a cigarette box with several used baggies with meth residue and i peed positive for meth. I had only used meth one time and it was 2 days prior. The baggies were not mine but I have no proof of that. The officer said due to the totality if the events he determined I was impaired on alcohol. My car was totaled. No one hurt. Thank you
The prosecutor can still charge you with DUI even if you don't blow a .08 or higher, first because there is a variance...
I pulled off the freeway, parked my car and turned it off to sleep. The police arrested me for DUI, how should I proceed?
I was moving about a hundred miles away one direction and this was the third trip I had made that day, so nearly 600 miles, along with un/loading the car. I was diagnosed with a concussion less than 2 weeks prior to this happening. I offered to provide a portable breathalyzer to one of the three officers that I was awoke by when using my sirens. I was asleep in my car, with the vehicle legally parked on the side of the off ramp in a safe location. I decided I needed to get some sleep when I started to hit the rumble strips. The primary officer detained me for 5 hour in the back of his vehicle while he attempted to get a warrant to draw my blood, which he was denied each time. After spending 5 hours in the back of his cop car, he continued to impound my vehicle, and book me on dui, without any blood draw or breathalyzer. I strongly feel that my civil rights were violated during this arrest. I have a public defender that is handling the case, however I believe that there should be a civil case that should be somewhat easily settled or won due to the misconduct of the Washington State Trooper. Should I attempt to find a civil attorney that can either defend the DUI, and/or partner up?
You should recode this to DUI law rather than traffic. An attorney experienced in DUI's may be able to provide you...
I was arrested for dui with priors. At booking they found baggies in a cigarette pack with methamphetamine residue in them.
I was arrested for alcohol dui. At booking they found baggies in a cigarette pack with methamphetamine resedue in them. They were not mine but I have no proof of that. I also peed positive for meth at booking. My car was in an accident. No one else involved. I did not know the baggies were in there. I did meth once in my life 2 days prior to incident. No charges yet. Out on bail. Will I go to jail?
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Will it make things worse for my husband to have the bench warrant, when he do finally go to court on the DUI charge?
We live in Peck Idaho and we’re just told my husband has to appear in court in a couple of days, but that the court appointed attorney is just gonna ask for a continuance because she hasn’t received all his paperwork yet. They say he HAS to be in court but we can not afford to get there for just a continuance appeal. We haven’t even been allowed to talk with the attorney, we can’t get pass the assistant.
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