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1-09-04-03, 08-25-07 & 01-25-14 were the date arrests. the 2nd was deferred, but when 3rd it was pulled out making this #3. How long before the 1st would drop off? the felony is urgent to avoid-his career of 25 years would result in job loss due to the credentials necessary for employment with the company he works for.
I'm going to change your practice area to DUI so that you will get some responses from IA attorneys. Good luck.
However was living in Iowa at that time still living in Iowa I was told I needed to pay 680 dollars more for fine if I want to drive in Minnesota would that be correct even though I don't live in Minnesota in order to drive I need to pay that fine even though I don't live there and have a valid driver license in iowa
This might be the civil penalties required by Minnesota to reinstate your out-of-state driving privileges with the MN...
Can she forego getting her license back until the 12 months are up and not need a breathalyzer?
Nope. That period starts when you apply to get the license back.
I was in an accident a month ago while under the influence of alcohol. I'm not sure if I was actually over the legal limit but I was drinking very shortly before the accident. Highway patrol and local officers came to the scene and at first I denied alcohol tests because I was still quite shocked about the accident. I was taken to the hospital and submitted to the portable breathalyzer, which I failed, as well as a blood test. I did not receive any citation at that time. I still have not heard from anyone about whether or not I'm being charged with anything. My license is still currently valid. Any input on this would be helpful. Thank you.
The state will probably not file charges against you until it receives the blood test results. If the blood alcohol...
A sibling who has 3 DUIs in less than 10 years, 1 public intox, several judgements, and an unpaid workman's comp claim is named as trustee in my parents trust. The workmans comp case was filed under an LLC he created to avoid personal responsibility for claims. He has done this several times (in 3 states) & then doesn't file necessary paperwork to keep them active or lets them go inactive to avoid responsibility for bills. Can he be removed as trustee? There is a no-contest clause; is a person risking inheritance for contesting?
Good grief! I cannot imagine any court ever letting that person be placed in a fiduciary position such as trustee....
I was arrested for a DUI and child endangerment. When I was brought to police station I blew under the legal limit but they still processed me and put me in jail over night. Judge looked at charges in the morning and dismissed all. Can I get this off my criminal record? Obviously makes me look bad and I hate to explain myself when I didn't break the law.
At the present time, an arrest leading to charges that are ultimately dismissed will remain on your adult criminal...
My brother is thinking of traveling abroad with me for vacation but has an OWI in Iowa from 2 years ago. He will be going to get a passport soon but I wanted to make sure he can get one before he books his flight and hotel. Also does anyone know if Jamaica is like Canada where you aren't allowed in the country with an OWI conviction? Once again I don't want him to be able to get a passport and pay for flight and hotel and then find out Jamaica won't let him in the country. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If all OWI terms and conditions have bees satisfied and his travel is not restricted by the terms and conditions of...