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I had a DUI in 2000, for how long this offense will stay on my record? I am applying for a loan and there is a question about criminal offenses. I want to find out if I can omit my DUI charge. Thank you, Maria
All criminal convictions stay on your record until and unless you take an action to have them vacated. Unfortunately,...
I got a speeding ticket in Oregon, will it affect my reckless driving probation(originally a dui)
It was a speed trap and I was going with the flow of traffic, the officer even told me how to write a letter to the judge. I am a Washington resident
It definitely can. It is really up to your probation officer whether they want to revoke based on a speeding ticket. I...
I plead guilty to a reduced dui. Neg driving. I served 10 days ehm. Then probation with alcohol classes. My question is
I stopped going to classes and reporting to my PO. I now have a bench warrant and am going to turn myself in. I no longer wish to be on probation and am just going to do my time. Could I get any more jail time then the maximum 90 days minus my 10 from ehm?
You cannot be given more than the maximum sentence (90 days on Neg 1). If there are additional charges accompanying...
I am pleading not guilty to DUI and/or reckless driving this morning. First offense, clean driving record. What else do I do?
I was driving 95 in i5 NB in Shoreline when I was pulled over with my lights off as well. I found out that my lights do not work at all... it's in the shop now. I have the receipt showing it's in the shop for multiple things, including the lights. I did not take breathlizer, I had one drink, and failed the FSTs. I was extremely tired from driving 5 hours from Spokane, WA after having only had 3 hours of sleep between the hours 9pm Monday night, till 12am Tuesday... I did that sleep in order to readjust to my work schedule, as I work the night shift. I am often tired driving. As well, I have bad night vision from having lazer in 2004/05. So, lack of dash lights and outside lights caused the speed, and being tired caused all of the issues, slurred speech, not slurred, but confused.
I would recommend two things to do. First, do not again post the details of your offense online to the public like you...
Is it possible to get charged with a dui from a skateboard, bike, etc.....?
What if you already have a dui or two or are currently on probation from a dui?
You can only get a DUI if you are operating a " motor vehicle." However, it is almost certainly a violation of your...
My son&gf/no contact order in placed/year ago she got drunk called the cops but my son was not there
they placed out warrants and she made some sort of report and now a year later they have caught him. she moved out of state and he pleaded not guilty. but is facing felony domestic violence charges and prison time based on her report. we only have about 2000$ and cannot afford $6000 for an attorney. any suggestions?
You have some money, so see if you can find a good attorney that will work with you on payments.
I got a dui and hit a car.. When I went to the arraignment no charges of vehicular assault were mentioned. i am confused.
I have already had my arraignment and there was no mention of charges? How will I know if they are going to charge me?
Vehicular assault is a class b felony. It is generally only charged when there is great bodily injury to the person who...