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Anybody out there knows the meaning of AIR BLANK 0.00, EXT STD IR .09 and STD EC PASS means on a Drager Alcotest 9510 breathaliz
VC23153(A)(B) Frist one
Don't worry about it. Focus on the reported result. What did you actually blow??? The "air blank" is something the...
What do I expect to happen if I was pulled over for DUI in case and my out of state license had recently expired
Pulled over for DUI day after Christmas. First offense, and not been arrested before. I had an out of state license that I noticed expired in October, I thought it was next year. I didn't have the license on me either I had my passport. As I never drive my insurance had lapsed a few days prior to being pulled over. Usually I walk or bike just not this unfortunate day. My license issues weren't mentioned to me at time of arrest or release I was simply charged with the DUI and told to go home. What should I expect after this at the court date? Is there a harsher sentence? I worry about jail time and if anything milder can happen. Thanks for all and any help.
An EXPIRED license is not that big of a deal (a suspended one is though!). Your only real problem will be with the DUI
False arrest/unlawful dui
Self represented in the dmv case which was won, what are my options along the line of "sec 1983"?
DMV isn't the same as court. Id seriously consider hiring an attorney to fight the 1538.
What are the steps needed to start fixing my DUI I got in June? Court is 7-13-15 Any help would be great. Thank you
We had a DD and I as dropped off @ my car that afternoon. Entered my vehicle but only to sleep it off. Plus my car was out of gas. I did however, have the key in the ignition. I just don't even know where to begin with all of this.
I hope you contacted the DMV within 10 days of your arrest or your license will be suspended automatically by the DMV...
DUI of 0.12 alcohol question, first offense
My son had a case for possession of a small amount of marijuana when he was 17 in 2012, and it was dismissed. He is now age 21 and was recently pulled over for having too dark windows on his car. The cop decided to do a breath analyzer test which showed 0.12. The code on the Notice to Appear form shows Code and Section as 23152(b)CVC, and circled Misdemeanor, as well as "No" for correctable violation. We were able to pick him up at the city's police station a couple of hours later so there was no bail/jail time involved. My question; since this is a first DUI should we hire an attorney? And what will be the sentence? Would a public defender be able to reduce sentence or should we hire a private attorney? He has a court date for June 12th. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
Public defenders are generally good criminal defense attorneys with too many cases to provide the individual care each...
How can I get my license back after getting a DUI? The officer pulled me over for an abnormality on one of my brake lights.
I had a couple drinks that night, but I was driving fine. An officer pulled me over and asked if I know why they pulled me over, I said, "No." He said the back of my brake light wasn't responding to my brake. But both of my brake lights were on, just one side didn't go bright when I broke. Then, later I got arrested for a DUI and threw in that I was "swerving". Is that a probable cause for stopping and arresting me? And how can I possibly get my license back? And how long does a DUI stay on record? This was my first DUI.
If your brake lights were NOT functioning in compliance with the law, law enforcement can lawfully stop you. A lawyer...
Requested a DMV hearing after I got a DUI was wondering if I can pick up I Discovery information.
I was arrested for DUI and have asked for a DMV hearing because I want to fight my suspension. I was wondering if I could pick up the I Discovery information from a DMV instead of having it mailed as I am in the proses of moving and do not want to miss the paper work! Or have it lost.
Assuming that your request was made within the 10 day period and you have received correspondence from the DMV...