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I have nj drivers license with dwi and moving to pa is my insurance still going to be high
i have nj drivers license with dwi and moving to pa is my insurance still going to be high coz of that.
I can’t abswer what happens with your insurance but I can tell you that your suspension will follow to PA. Sorry for...
Hi i have a dwi in nj but i'm moving to pa is that record still gonna follow me when i go there and get pa license & and when i
hi i have a dwi in nj but i'm moving to pa is that record still gonna follow me when i go there and get pa license & and when i get insurance over there they still gonna know and get higher rates?
Depending on how many DWI convictions you have had, the New Jersey conviction may carry over into Pennsylvania.
My lincese suspended in nj for dwi for 7 month and moving to pa in next month?
i heard they gave license there in pa for work and school for who got license suspended and i'm moving in next month so when i move i'm gonna be able to get it ?
Please check with the PA DMV I am sure you can go on there website under the FAQ section and find out all answers....
1st time offender I have a Dui charge tier 3, 2 child endangerment charges, & a domestic violence charge can some be dropped
I have never had a criminal record my 1st offense and I never get behind the wheel and drive, 9/22/17 I did my very defiant 17 yr old who had become physically violent and very angry in past 1-2 yrs especially because of her medical issues and blames me for those because we found out its genetic came home which she was suppose to be going to a friends house for the weekend I had a few drinks while waiting for my husband to get home to see him after a long week and it was his bday week I was watching movies with my younger children 4 and 7 yrs old and when the 17 yr old arrived home she was violently angry shouting cussing etc... She wouldn't stop and kept trying to grab my younger children then she began punching and kicking me and pulling my hair I begged her to leave she screamed profanities at my and every time I went for my phone she would wrestle me for it so I couldn't call anyone to come get myself or lil ones or even the police for help as soon as she tried kicking my in the back of my knees with my lil ones holdingOnto me 1st chance I had we ran for my truck and left came back 1 hr later police in my driveway waiting to arrest me never listened to my side at all
Perhaps the whole case can be dismissed or a verdict of not guilty. Its too early to say. You do need help though.
What should i do about my plea for Voiding human excretion,and Purch Etc Alcoh Bev By A Minor.?
I am a college student with an clean record, who had gone on once, and on a athletic team and and I was charged with two citations. But, the one situations I will take and the other one was incorrect. I don't have much money, and need major help.
Based upon what you have written here, it is highly likely that this situation is fixable. I would note that in order...
Will a suspended nursing license for substance abuse prevent me from obtaining a CDL license?
Suspended nursing license related to substance abuse. This is what is stated behind my name on the Nursing boards website, public information. And I️t states that I️t is related to substance abuse. Would this prevent me from obtaining a CDL license. I have a clean criminal record. No DUIs, nothing pending. Need to find another way to make a living
No way to tell. I suggest you go to the DMV and ask for info about DCLs and read them. Or consult with a local lawyer...
Can I️ obtain my CDL license if I️ have a Nursing license that is suspended by the board for substance abuse addiction
I️ lost my nursing license because I️ was unable to comply with their substance abuse treatment requirements. I️ have no criminal record at all. No DUI charges or any other pending charges. Criminal record is clean But the suspension of the Nursing license does state that I️t is related to addiction.
This is a repeat post. Consult with a local criminal defense attorney since they will have far more knowledge about...