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Husband is being sentenced on Monday for a DUI do judges most of the time grant time served.
My husband is currently in jail for probation violation and DUI running concurrentlY. I am confused because on Monday he is being sentenced for his DUI and they are trying to get him time served. Will he have to stay longer in jail. All this time his lawyers told me the sentences are running concurrently.
Whether the sentence runs concurrent or consecutive is up to the Judge. Did the Judge make a promise at the time of...
Want to know how to fight drug court
I was supposed to graduate on October 10 2014 but on September 20 2014 I miss a urinalysis and I want to know how to fight it don't want to do another year cause I've been on it since June 2012 now I won't graduate until October 2015 either missed the u/a or you didn't. If you want to fight this and win you bring to court proof that you...
How do I apply for an early release from probation?
I received a DWI on the date of 1/6/11, convicted on 7/13/11 and sentenced to 3 years probation on 12/5/11.
You start by discussing it with your Probation Officer. If that doesn't get you anywhere you make a motion before the judge.
Can I transfer a restricted license?
My license was suspended for 192 days for lack of insurance but received a restricted license. I am now moving to PA and still have about another 3 months to go on the suspension. Will I e able to transfer my restricted license in PA and Register my car. Thanks
That is a question you should post in the Pennsylvania section of Avvo as well as here. In general, a person needs a...
First-offense DWI in New York State: what are my likely penalties?
I was arrested for a DWI in New York State, as well as a speeding ticket (51 mph in a 30 mph zone). I was administered a breathalyzer test, as well as coordination tests afterwards (I was told these were necessary to see if I was safe to drive). I believe I performed the coordination tests well, but I was arrested nonetheless. It's my first offense, with no previous criminal record. The officer did not tell me my BAC after I asked him, and I was taken into custody for about three hours, during which my photographs, fingerprints, and another chemical test were taken. I was released on bail after a few hours. What are my likely consequences? My arraignment is very soon, and I am nervous, having never had any other run-ins with the law.
I have a couple of thoughts. First, any punishment will depend at least in part on your BAC. Second, use avvo to find a...
Is it mandatory to get an ignition interlock device installed in a company owned work vehicle?
Also, if my privately owned vehicle is sold, will there be any ramifications from the court?
Why? Do you have a court order that says that? Do you have a conviction? Did you plea? What are the terms of it?...
My driving privilege in NY were Denied by NY DMV. I can send in letter of Appeal, what do I say?Do lawyers usually write letter?
5 years ago, I got a dui, well, I refused the breathalyzer. I'm a CT resident w a CT drivers license. I finally finished paying all my fees this past year to the NY DMV, they said all would be well. I got a letter saying my driving privilege was denied & I have 60 days to appeal. I contacted my original attorney but he's been very hard to talk to, barely responds to my calls or texts. This is the last week so it's up to me.Can I write this letter by myself? What should I say? I'm worried bc I'm enrolled back in college and am to start an internship , both in NY in Sept, so the NY driving privilege is a necessity to me. I waited last minute here and my attorney keeps telling me he will call. Legal Aid society wouldn't even give me advice bc I had an attorney/trial was in 2013. About to write this appeal letter, what should I say? I unfortunately have a bad record- 1 DUAI when I was 17 years old, another when I was 21 or 22 both in CT, and then this chem test refusal in NY back in 2012 5 years ago. 1st one was to be expunged... but they are saying if 3 or 4 alcohol incidents,then they deny privilege.I am sober 5 years,volunteer,going to school to be a substance abuse counselor,Help!
Only a lawyer fully familiar with your case could advise you whether you have grounds for an appeal and if so, what...