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Ok so I'm on 2years non-reporting probation due to first offense physical control charge but I'm freaking out I just feel that must be catch in there something that I'm missing. Or does non reporting probation means just stay out of trouble and live your life? Also i have booked flight to Dubai on September do I have to report it. Or just travel wherever and whenever I want. * note that the court was CITY OF HAMILTON MUNICIPAL COURT. thank you in advance
Check your sentencing Entry at the municipal court, and with the Probation department to be sure. Most of the time,...
I was in an accident five months ago. I told the officer I had been drinking six hours before the accident. The officer had my blood drawn and just recently charged me with serious injury while under the influence. The tests came back as .137 and I don't see how this can be possible. All the online BAC calculators show that I would have had to drink a lot more to be at that level six hours later. Why would the officer wait 5 months to charge me and are the tests legal if I had an IV in my arm during the test?
A blood draw is going to be more accurate than an online calculator.
18 year old on a canoe trip with 2 friends. Everyone was drinking so the underage consumption is valid. However, the person charged with the OVI was the person in the middle of the canoe that was not rowing. The person charged with the OVI had no keys on him nor was it his vehicle that the police found at the end of the trip nor was he driving. How can the police charge only one person with an OVI if he was not operating the canoe or the car and had not keys on him (since it wasn't his car). How can the police single him out to give him a breathalyzer but not the person who was driving or rowing the canoe? Luckily one of the friends in the canoe is willing to go testify to all of that.
Consider hiring an attorney to fight this case. I got to say, I've ready a ton of fact patterns but this is a new one...
My attorney discussed with the prosecutor about reducing the charge and they make the deal. Now were waiting for the court to get things done. I blew 0.09 No proir offenses clean record student I did okay on the sobriety test. but I really dont wanna lose my license I can pay whatever fine (I've read similar cases that the offonder they were abale to keep their license after they pleaded guilty to reckless op) will I be the same situation?
Your best bet is to ask your attorney. That should have been discussed with the prosecutor when the negotiations took...
I was pulled over 2 weeks ago and charged with first and last ovi offense and I blew 0.9, and I'm so stressed and afraid, but I hired a experienced lawyer because I can't afford dui in record because I work in the health field and I'm studying health information technology and also I drive a lot. So few hours ago my lawyer called me he said that he discussed with the prosecutor about my case and he told me that the prosecutor agreed to drop the ovi to reckless driving but of course the judge haven't agree yet we have the court hearing in few weeks. So my question is when the judge agree to the deal made will I get my drivers license back, note that the officer took it from me. Also what is the sentence I will get when I plead guilty to reckless driving? Thank you very much in advance.
You need to talk to your lawyer about this. I suspect that your licence was suspended by the DMV and you need to call...
I was arrested for first offense ovi few weeks ago with 0.96 BAC, the lawyer I hired worked out the deal with prosecutor and I pled guilty to physical control and judge terminate the ALS and I was able to get my license back the same day also got no point on my driver license no jail no alcohol program I paid only the fine around 500$. So I was thinking wich one is better reckless op vs physical control. Also which one wouldn't have impact on my career I go to school to be health care professional. Thank you in advance for any explanation.
Your lawyer did an excellent job! Most reckless drivings are priorable and insurance companies look at them like DUIs.
While doing a google search for diversion programs in Hamilton County, I came across hcopros dot org. The page reads "First time offenders accused of non violent offenses, upon request, may be permitted a one time opportunity to enter into the Diversion Program." Does this apply to OVI?
If by diversion you mean the case will be dismissed after a class or program then No. A possible penalty of an OVI...