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Submitting some documentation related to DUI to court.
I got a PBJ for DUI about 5 months ago. The judge said that he does not want me to get a negative impact for looking for my jobs, and willing to do something for me. I assume that I need to submit some sheet or whatever I need to be prepared for that. Is anybody know what can I do for that?
The judge gave you probation before judgment to prevent you from having a DUI conviction on your record. I am not aware...
My husband has a DUI on his record and his status says "administrative processing" - how long does a decision take now?
My husband has a DUI on his record (actually two, one from over ten years ago and one from 2015) and he completed the extra trip to the hospital to get the psych evaluation. That was two months ago, and the hospital took until now to get the report to the embassy in Seoul. (He's doing the whole application from Korea.) His visa interview was November 10th. The hospital report on the psych exam arrived there last week but his case status still says "administrative processing" as it has for more than 60 days now. How long from now do you think they'll take to make a decision? And can you take a guess at how likely it is that he'll be denied? We also have a one year old child and I am already in the U.S. waiting for him to get here so I can start a job while he does childcare.
Need more facts. For example, what type of visa is he applying for?
Dui in North Carolina and can I move out of state
Planning to move to Maryland with a dui in North Carolina . Can I use the same limited driving privilege or should I apply for a new one . Please advice
You would need to consult with a North Carolina attorney to determine if the limited driving privilege allows you to...
Someone hit my car from the back, he was drunk I told the officer she was white also she reply I cant tell
Someone hit my car from the back, he was white male drunk I told the officer she was white also she reply I cant tell, he was drunk.
What is your question? Do you have a question?
Can MVA md issue a temporary driver's license after dui charges
I was sleeping in my car at the parking lot because I was tired. Did not drink at all and I was arrested and released within 30 minutes but took my license away
You should have been given a temporary license. You have a very short time period to request an administrative hearing...
What can I do? Explain how is a road a highway with houses and farm's with animals?
I have a pending case in Maryland for driving motor vehicle on highway without required license and authorization. Is BS the police didn't pull me over he was call to the seen for an accident on the road with houses not a highway. He didn't issue me any citations at the scene he just wrote the case # down for the accident and told me I can leave now I get a letter in the mail saying I have to go to court. He didn't even see me driving. He charge me with driving on a learners permit without required supervision which I get but this other charges is BS. The accident wasn't my fault but he put me at fault cause I had a learners permit.
I recommend that you consult with an attorney about the charges. The tickets carry points and possible jail time. A...
Do I need to go with a lawyer on my next court date after telling the judge that I need an attorney to represent me ?
I have a case in court because I drove with my out of country drivers licence. I appeared in court but a friend advised I requested for attorney to represent me so that I could buy myself some time to convert my out of country licence to Maryland license. Court date is next week and I'm still not able to get my licence. What can I do ?
Chances are the court will not give you another postponement for the same reason. An experienced criminal defense...