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What am I facing for parole violation, I have less than 1 month remaining, was arrested but no new charges filed?
I was arrested 12/2012 for DUI, .21 BAC. Was given 6 mos probation, fines, costs, classes. Completed all but probation early. I was stopped 3 weeks ago "failing to come to a complete stop" at an extremely rural stop sign admitted to having had a few drinks, was arrested and brought in for DUI suspicion. Blood was drawn & i was released, with no further instruction. 2 weeks went by,feeling very unsure I called my probation officer, was told I violated and a court date was set for revocation. about an hour later Paperwork then came in mail for p violation-intoxication, driving while intoxicated & failing to report arrest to P.O. within 72 hours. Only 3 weeks left of probation, still no BAC results or charges-what should I expect? Should I try to get my results.Not happy w/orig attorney
What happens at your probation violation will be up to the judge who hears the case. You should get a new attorney for...
Is it possible to have a 3rd offense dui charge thrown out when there is no B.A.C due to a refusal?
The only evidence is your standard glossy eyes, smelled of alcohol and slurred speech.
It is absolutely possible but you will want to talk with a qualified DUI attorney in the County where this occurred....
2nd DUI PA, .32 BAC, went to treatment, attending AA and highway classes. Can the judge give me only 12 months instead of 18
My question is 2nd DUI PA, .32 BAC, immediately went into treatment as well as going to AA and Highway Safety Classes. Is there any chance the judge will take this into account and reduce my loss of license to 12 months instead of 18. My son moved home from college and would like to try to get an occupational license so he can go back to school.
The Court has no discretion with regard to your license suspension. The suspension of your license is required by...
In PA, if I have a first offense DUI and completed the ARD program, will it come up on my finger print or background check?
I want to know if my first offense DUI will be visible to a potential employer. ARD program was completed and have a CLEAN record beside the DUI. They are doing a background check and finger print.
Yes. You must request your attorney to file a PetitionFor Expungement. Otherwise, the arrest records and court...
If someone moves out of state while their DUI case is pending, where and how will their sentence be imposed? (PA to FL)
This person has had four DUI arrests from 1996 to 2015. The latter case is pending. They plead guilty to the first three, from 1996, 2004 and 2007. The one from 2007 falls within PA's 10 year lookback period. The charge was "VC3802C, DUI at highest rate of alcohol, Grade M1". The most recent happened three months ago. Charges are "VC3802 DUI", and "VC3714, Careless Driving, Grade S". This most recent case is currently pending, and the person is planning to move to FL at the start of the new year, to start at a new job and be near relatives. So if they relocate permanently to FL, where, and how, will their sentence be carried out? Will FL be imposing a sentence based on PA's laws, or FL's laws? Or will the person have to come back to PA? How harsh a sentence should be expected?
If the crime occurred in PA the person will be sentenced in PA and PA will determine how he serves his sentence. If he...
What are the repercussions with a one time fail with an interlock in Pennsylvania?
With a clean five months of interlock installed, I used mouth wash then immediately blew into the device causing a fail. What should I expect?
As you probably discovered, your vehicle locked you out for a period of time before you were able to try again....
I had a car accident the officer did a breathalyzer and it came back positive but i wasn't charged at the scene.what will happen
The officer didn't make me do a sobriety test all he did was the breathalyzer test. At the hospital they took my blood and gave the officer the sample. I want to know can i still be charged after the fact.
Sure, you can be charged for impaired driving.