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How will completing the Pennsylvania ARD program affect my ability to get a job in South Carolina?
I was pulled over and charged with a DUI in PA in November of 2013. My bac was .99. This would put me in the lowest tier for the ARD program. Two lawyers recommended that I go through the program, and I did. By summer of 2014 I had completed the program and was able to get the DUI expunged from my criminal record. I am aware that penndot keeps it in my driving history for 10 years. I have recently moved to South Carolina, and may get a job that would involve me driving a company vehicle. I have yet to change my license from a PA to an SC, and am still within the 90 time frame. I assume the company will check my driving history for insurance purposes. How might the DUI with ARD affect that? Since there was no license suspension, does that make a difference?
Depends on the job. No attorney can answer this question for you because its not a legal question. Some jobs won't...
What is the liability for a Coach who releases athletes after practice to a parent who is intoxicated?
Parent picks up athlete after practice which coach does not see at the time. Hears a ruckus outside, goes out to see what is going on, parent is intoxicated husband has arrived , child goes inside with coach (13 Year Old) and tells coach parent is drunk and almost killed her in a head on collision. Husband yells the same to coach. Coach lets dad take child home. Drunk mother laying in dirt is finally coaxed inside. Coach takes mother home.. It is known that this parent has a drinking problem. Place of employment (501c-3) never would support coach calling police to handle situation. Mother begs coach not to tell, moral to the story… I am going to pursue this incident and not enable this mother. Administration ignores problem. Not coach!
Depending on state law, the coach may have a legal obligation to report the incident to Child Protective Services,...
Arrested for DUI, bail paid but held in jail until urine tests show negative for marijuana. Is this legal?
Friend was arrested in Kansas for dui, gave urine sample and tested positive for marijuana. Bail was paid for dui charge but the judge said he has to stay in jail until his urine tests negative for marijuana. No prior arrests and he was not in possession of drugs when arrested for dui. Has now been in jail for 4 days and is being tested every morning.
You should find a local criminal attorney in Kansas to help your friend. The way that marijuana is metabolized, a...
The question was can a lawyer that was it... on the felony dui just in a bad spot here, just asking questions sorry.
sorry if im bugging anyone i do understand a lot about what is going on . i just don't know if if things are being handle right thanks for your time again
You are not bugging anyone. We want to help you but there is only so much that can be done in this forum. If you have...
Can a lawyer hold a bar liable in criminal defense on a dui where someone died? ..thanks for all your time...
if people say someone was over served at a bar and they are found to have done that ?also gave up there keys that night and the key where given back when everyone says they shouldn't be driving
You need to speak with a lawyer and stop posting here. You have complex questions and changing the phrasing of the...
DUI criminal case what affect would it have on the case , if a different party/bar is liable in a civil case
if someone dies in a dui and the bar is found liable in a civil case from the person that died. how does it change the criminal case for the person driving and would it be a good idea to get a lawyer to help.
If you were DUI and someone died as a result, you need legal representation ASAP.
Can you be convicted of DUI 4th in Charleston SC if you haven't be charged or convicted of DUI 2nd or 3rd?
convicted of DUI 1st in 2003.