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Where do I go to get a 10 day restricted license so my son can work....he got a DUI in Concord,NC (1st offense) on 5/9/15
This is so he doesn't have to wait 30 days to get license back.....
Pretrial limited driving privileges come from the court. He would need to prepare both a petition and then a proposed...
Is it important to have a lawyer during pretrial in superior court; to plead not guilty for a DWI?
This is my second DUI. My current awaiting pretrial court date is the product of an appeal.
Yes. I cannot emphasize strongly enough, yes. Under the implied consent laws and procedures and the rules of practice...
What is my next step? What are my best options to obtain an attorney? Reasonable budget representation?
My first court appointed attorney that handled my pre-trial appeal; was elected judge. I was then informed by the court that I had the option for another court appointed attorney. At the time. The option I chose, feeling that I would be best represented, was to go the route of a hired attorney. My next pre-trial court date has been placed off calendar. Currently in a household that had fallen on hard times and I have not yet hired an attorney. DWI #2 inside of 7 years Tight budget household
Search local lawyers on avvo. Many will offer a free consultation. Many will offer payment plans. Just explain your...
What does the *9 restriction on my nc licence mean
I just got the interlock box out of my car after 3 years
According to some quick research "*9" is a code that tells NC DMV and law enforcement that your license has been...
I was sentenced to a 3 year supervised probation in NC. I am a level 2. Can I get the probation reduced to unsupervised or less?
I was sentenced in Warren County, NC but transferred to where I live in Cabarrus County, NC. I have completed all my classes, pre-paid all fines and fees, and have never missed a scheduled appointment with my PO. I answer every single phone call when my PO calls. I have been in total compliance with my PO and the Probation Terms. The first year of probation is up this May 5, 2015. I was hoping to be able to petition the court to request to have the final 2 years of my probation be unsupervised or even be released.
I would hire a lawyer to handle this for you. A lawyer that is experienced in your neck of the woods will be much more...
I'm from nc.. I have a dui in 2006.. after servicing all requirements I got my license back but last yr I was told my license
Was revoked .. I called dmv they said I needed to have a interlock system... Is there away around this?.. it's been so long...and I wasn't aware of this.
If you have an interlock restriction on your license, there's no getting around it. You wont be able to get a NC...
In November 2010 I was convicted for DWI, 2 within 1 year. I had a court appointed lawyer. I completed 6 months in prison.
I went 5 years without license. Did 44 hours of alcohol assessment classes-completed. Got insurance, got Interlock system in place, got license. Ive had a few fails, some from food. Ive paid all fines. Im worried the DMV will revoke my driving privileges. How likely is this?
You had interlock "fails" for food? How so?? That's a new one. Usually we hear about mouthwash.