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  • Boy, 11, killed 'after 400-pound grandpa pinned him ...

    Tuesday | via Daily Mail 

    'Autistic' boy, 11, was killed 'after his 400-pound step-grandfather pinned him down for several minutes during a temper tantrum' Prosecutors say Martin, who weighs 360-400lbs, pinned down his 90-pound step-grandson for several minutes, until Davis stopped breathing Dylan's biological father said boy was autistic and was prone to fits of anger, but said he was a 'great kid' who got along with his mother's family An Ohio man has been charged with reckless homicide after prosecutors say the suspect weighing up to 400lbs caused the death of his 11-year-old step-grandson by pinning him down during an argument.


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Mount Orab Law

Can a statement be used against you if you were intoxicated at the time
I got into an altercation while intoxicated and made a statement to the police
The short answer is yes. A lawyer may be able to get the statement excluded from evidence or demonstrate that you were...
Can my husband go to prison for fifth DUI
My husband got convicted in June of his 3rd in six years but fourth in lifetime and he had a car accident in September got charged with two DUIs and agg vehicular assault cause the guy with him was hurt but no one remembers who was driving my husband was ejected from the car and the passenger side windshield was busted ?None of the other Windows were. will he have a chance for rehab
not only can he but he probably will
How long will my husband get and how
My husband got his 3rd DUI in six and 4th in a lifetime in June well September he had a car accident and got two DUIs and agg vehicular assault the other guy was hurt and he got leaving the scene he went to via house down the street and called 911 he was ejected out of the car and broke his neck so did the other guy neither one can remember anything how can he get two DUIs and how long will he get for that cause whoever got ejected out the passenger side windshield was busted?
Being charged with 2 counts of OVI is standard, especially when the person has a prior. One count for being intoxicated,...
In Ohio how far will they extradite for a misdemeanor DUI?
I was charged with my third DUI in Bucyrus Ohio. I am wondering how many counties away or how far away they would extradite me for that warrant. I live in Portsmouth Ohio and work in Columbus Ohio.
For a third OVI they will pick you up from anywhere in Ohio.
Can you get cdl's back in Ohio after DUI's?
My partner got his first dui prior to getting cdl's. His second while having his cdl permit and his 3rd while having his cdl license. His place of employment is telling him they will help him get them back. I believe they are misleading him. It has been almost 2 years since his last conviction. He has been sober since the last one. Is there any possibility of getting it back in Ohio?
Federal law requires a lifetime disqualification for holding a CDL if the person has two or more DUI's Some states...
Can multiple DUIs be sealed/expunged?
Between 1990 and 1999, I pleaded "no contest" to three DUI's (two in Ohio and one in Virginia). Each was a misdemeanor. I complied with all fines and courts' sentencing. These are now affecting life insurance rates and I would like to not have to report them. I was a different person and it was a different time. Are these going to continue to haunt me for the rest of my life?
DUI's can not be expunged under Ohio law. You would need to consult with a Virginia attorney to determine if your...
What can happen if third dui was one year apart from the second dui?
I got a dui a year ago and now I caught a 3rd dui it's been a year apart what will happen to me?
You need to hire an attorney asap! A third OVI in ten years is an unclassified misdemeanor and could have up to a year...