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If you are arrest for a DUI in your own personal vehicle ( but you have a CDL) can your CDLs still be revoked??
My husband was arrested february 2011 of a suspicion of a DUI(over a year ago). He was arrested in his own personal vehicle. I have not been able to locate his BAC. The officers that arrested him keep telling me they will have to contact me at a later date because it isn't in their system. Yet the lawyer we hired says that their is no way we can win our case that we should forfeit the DMV case. We feel as though we have been taken for our money and not given the answered we need. My husband has to have his CDLs in order to keep his job. This is his first offense. Does anyone have any advice for us? Should I get a new lawyer? Is it best to forfeit the DMV hearing.
Yes your CDLs can be revoked. CDL drivers are held to a much higher standard that regular licensees. You are always...
In 1998 I received a DUI in Nicholas County which was dropped in court my license were suspended in how can I get them back?
I was targeted I only blew a 0.06 legal limit at the time was .1 it was dropped in court to wreckless driving but it had been sent into Charleston as DUI it has been 16 years how can I get my drivers license back? Would it be cleared from my record by now?
W.Va. Code ยง 61-11-26(i), including a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol cannot be expunged. HIre...
How long can they keep my boyfriend over driving on suspended?
When he was 18 he received a felony charge for fleeing from an officer and some other things. I think he's been caught driving on suspended once since then. He's now 28. He got stopped tonight and found out his license were suspended.. How long are they likely to give him? Is it likely that they'll let him out with bail? I've never been in this situation.. I have no idea what to do. Please help
He is absolutely entitled to bond and it should be a very reasonable amount with him out today. As to the charge, it...
How long should it take to get an Administrative Hearing thru WV DMV?
Pulled over on 3/11/2011 cop did dui paperwork. Cop said he would let it go if I stayed out of trouble. 19 months later DMV sends paperwork for scheduled hearing. Requested counsel for first hearing. As of 09/14/2017....I have still not had a DMV hearing. They have all been continued.
Unfortunately not only is our scenario sadly not unique but also with the unfortunate passing along to you that WV has...
Will dmv from one state notify another state probation office of an iid fail?
I am on ignition interlock in West Virginia and recently registered a fail. I am also on unsupervised probation in Ohio. Will the DMV relate that violation back to Ohio probation therefore violating me?
Typically if the out of state probation is known by the prosecuting authority in the criminal court jurisdiction of the...
Will I get probation? Or License suspension and heavy fines?
I am 20 years old. Got a DUI driving drug impaired. Meth and Marijuana. I served 11 1/2 days in jail prior to my arrest. I got a new job, taking my Driving Defensive Courses classes and will Begin DUI classes soon. Been 4 months since I was arrested. Now, it had been over 24 hours since I did Meth(Can I argue I was not under the influence of meth, though I confessed? I was under the influence of marijuana, and was very nervous and told the officer everything) I met a man. We plan to get married. But what if I get probation? He lives in a different state. Whats my likely outcome?
Too many questions lobbed into one. Look, here's the bottom line: 1) Anything is possible, whether or not it...
Can a person with a second offence of .o5 who wva took his license for 1 year get a permit to drive for work only in Florida?
Had dui in 2014. In 2016 was driving and stopped for tail light. Did blood work of .05. dmv took his license for a year. Till this day has never had a hearing yet. Flew there from Florida only to find again the officer never showed.
I am changing the category to DUI, to hopefully get you some good advice. Basically, an attorney is your best bet of...