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I live in Pennsylvania can I get house Arrest for my second dui in Morgantown West Virginia
I got stopped for dui in Star City West Virginia
I doubt it very much, but it is a question you should ask your attorney in West Virginia. It is premature to ask this...
If you have a DUI from 2008 and ones prior to that and just got pulled over for DUI will the ones prior to 2008 count against ?
Just got pulled over last night took me for a breathalyzer said it was towards the middle I had prior DUIs the most recent was in 2008 all others were before that ... will this be counted as my 2nd or my 4th
They will absolutely count, just not in the way you seem to be most concerned about. In Pennsylvania there is a 10...
Got my first dui blew a 0.185 can you tells what to expect ?
First time I ever had an arrest.didn't no what will happen.
It's a tier 3 perhaps you can get ARD
Possible jail time for suspended license
Last month a cop ran my plates and ask me if i knew my license was suspended I said yes and he said he let me go but I get a fine in the mail. I have to go to court on Monday will I go to jail for it. It was my second time it was a 1543a
For a 2nd offense of 1543a, the judge can assign a sentence of up to 6 months but there's no mandatory minimum. It's...
Got my first dui,blew a 0.185 thos is in the state of pawhat am i looking at had a totally clean record ?
Would like to no what to exspect.never been in any trouble in my 53 years.
Although you may be eligible for ARD, it is neither a gift, nor a goal. it has serious negative consequences including...
I am running for county Sheriff in Pennsylvania, do I have to admit DUI, if I had it expunged?
I am a boro police officer, who couldn't get hired by Sheriff's Department because of DUI.
Given how small Greene County is an the information you've posted to this public website, you may already have admitted...
Dui question
I was taken to police station and given blood test no finger print no answer to results and let go what happens next
Most likely you will receive a criminal complaint in the mail. You will also receive a summons to appear at a...