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Officer lied on Arrest Report for dui can I get case dismissed for lack of probable cause?
I was pulled over for speeding I had no signs of being intoxicated. The officer asked me to step out the vehicle and do field sobriety test after I admitted to having 3 drinks. Officer lied on his arrest report claiming I had slurred speech, trouble standing, failed a test I actually passed, and most his observations were clearly cut and paste from other reports. He also failed to conduct the walk and turn test properly making me that 7 instead of 9 steps. I have the officer's dashcam footage and its obvious he lied about 80% of his report. Can I get the case dismissed due to lack of probable cause and clearly the officers credibility is shot.
Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to do that on your own. It is 1 in a million when representing yourself....
I was pulled over for dui told officer i hurt myself at gym prior to sfst he said he would take it into consideration.
Are documented attention deficit disorder and undocumented leg and lower back injuries a acceptable defense for supposedly failing sfst. I was unable to find case law about add or if undocumented conditions are accepted in nj..Also i would like to know how he took the injuries i informed him of into consideration.
If taking prescribed medications impairs your ability to drive safely you may be found under the influence. Hire a...
Can I transfer the Alcohol Highway Safety Program classes to a location closer to my home?
Received my penalties for a DUI and was put into the A.R.D. Program in PA. I live in NJ, about 2 - 1/2 hours away from the courthouse. I was ordered to attend the Alcohol Highway Safety Program within 120 days of the order. I was curious to know if it's possible to have those classes given to me in a location closer to my home since I have no way of getting all the way out to Stroudsburg. (Lost my PA driving privilege)
Usually these classes need to be completed in-state, but you need to discuss this with a PA lawyer or the PA court.
Is being tricked tricked into SFSTs having an undocumented injury and documented A.D.D reason for imperfect performance on test?
Pulled over allegedly for speeding 90 in 55 failure to maintain lane, and charged with DUI,and Refusal. Question is about SFSTs. As far as the speed I was paced doing 90, but the officer has not been able to certify is odometer The failure to maintain lane (plain bogus) and the video doesnt show me swerve out of my lane I performed t he SFSTs and allegedly failed them. I informed the officer I hurt myself squatting in the gym. He asked what was wrong I said, "I am not a doctor but my legs really hurt. He told me "I'll take that into account". (Wrote in his account asked me if had injury and I said I am not a doctor conveniently forgot the other details) Arrested for DUI and refused breath test because I though the statement he was trying to trick me.
You already asked this question. Or I should say you already made these statements. What are you seeking by repetitive...
I was arrested for suspicion of being high on marijuana in the state of PA. Will my license be suspend in my home state of NJ?
I am 18 years old with a NJ license and have no previous offenses. I was pulled over for speeding and the PA trooper smelled marijuana that two other friends were smoking in my car. They then searched my car,finding two grinders and at least 2 grams or less of marijuana, all of which was my friends. I did not smoke since I needed to drive, but smoked a few hours prior (I was not actually high at the time of driving). I passed two sobriety test, but was taken to a hospital to get blood work done. I was polite and did not resist arrest. Their reasoning for doing blood work was because my tongue was green.
First off, do not post any further details of this case online as you have no expectation of privacy on this forum....
I got a dui from nj state police and a handful of tickets for a minor accident that occurred on a very windy rainy day
i made it clear i was on methadone as prescribed and they took me to station handed me many tickets and a dui. this has ruined my life and i would like to sue for wrongful arrest. i blew0.00
One can be found guilty of DWI for being under the influence of drugs, even prescription ones. Being involved in an...
I am a NJ resident that was convicted of DUI in '01. I was arrested recently in PA for DUI. Will the 1st one still matter?
I am wondering how this will affect my job and how the consequences will vary depending on if it is considered a first or second offense.
Yes. All states have enhancement provisions for DWI's depending on how recent the prior conviction. A second offense...