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Can I bring action against a hospital that refused to let me leave, even though I was intoxicated?
On 2 occasions, I was intoxicated on a college campus, and was required to submit to a B.A.C. test by Campus Security. Due to my B.A.C., I was transferred to a nearby hospital. I repeatedly asked to leave, and requested that IVs be removed from my arm. I was told that I could not leave until my B.A.C. was below the legal limit or until someone picked me up. I had not signed a consent form upon arrival on either occasion. On the first occasion, I was told to remain in a treatment room until a friend (who I had called) got there to pick me up several hours later. On the second occasion, I was placed in a room with the door locked and not allowed to leave, not given access to my cell phone, until a ride arrived several hours later.
Be Damned if they do, damned if they don't scenario here. You realize that if they let you leave, impaired, and you...
Can i fight an underage ticket for having an unopened bottle
i was in bloomsburg, pa and a cop saw us with a bottle and charged me with an underage for possession. i am taking a class called youthful offenders program but it isnt until after the court date. can i argue disorderly conduct?
More would be known, but you can always challenge charges. The big concern is the license suspension that comes with...
Is it possible to postpone an ARD hearing?
I just received a letter from the DA's office which says that my ARD hearing is scheduled for September 29th. I was planning to give my job two weeks notice when I got the letter, but they sent it to my parent's house and not to my residence. My parents didn't even tell me and I just so happened to stop by today. Is there anyway to postpone the hearing?? I absolutely have to give my job two weeks notice otherwise I can't use them as a reference for my next job. I work with children who have behavioral problems and need this experience to get anywhere in my field otherwise this is just a wasted 10 months of work.. Any answers?? Please..
You need to contact your attorney. Ask him if he can get you a continuance and sign for you at the next listing. Good luck!
Can you get a dui if you are not in your car.
Can you get a dui if you are drunk inside the store and not in your car?Keys are in car but not in ignition. There is store video footage showing this person driving up to the store. Cops came in store and arrested him.Is a Dui possible if you are not even in your car?
Sure. I mean I suppose you could argue you were drinking in the store?? Depends on a lot of factors but if they find...
Regarding DUI
Hi I have got a DUI with 1.2 blood alcohol level . Can you please let me know what steps I have to take to come out of this .
Step 1... hire an experienced defense attorney. Step 2... talk openly and freely with attorney about case. Step 3....
Can I be charged with DUI
Somebody said they saw me driving while intoxicated..Supposedly,someone called in and said I was leaving a bar Intoxicated and driving..The police showed up at my door Charging a DUI They did not pull me over they did not see me driving..My car was parked in the driveway, the keys are inside my house..they asked me to go get my keys and took me to go do a blood test
Yes, you can be charged. The question is if they can prove it. That witness would need to come to court to identify...
What are my options and chances of DUI conviction? What should I do Immediately
I was stopped for at least 1.5 hours on a country road when a police officer pulled up an told me I was getting a DUI (I wasn't driving, I was parked) because my eyes were glassed over and he smelled Marijuana. I had no alcohol in my system which a breathalyzer proved. It was only one police officer in one car and he kept asking me about my dealer and if I would work with him. When I told him that my dealer was just some guy on a street corner in Allentown, he stopped caring. I had a bong, a bowl, and some weed (approx. 3 grams) in a baggy in my car, so I assume I'll be facing that on top of a DUI. I have no previous DUI's, They took me to a DUI center, blood test and another field sobriety test and sent me home. no previous convictions, only a couple speeding tickets. I haven't gotten the paperwork in the mail so I don't know what my actual charges are, As of asking this question it happened 24 hours ago. what should do immediately? I went and saw a lawyer on my lunch break today and he was very informative and helpful and offered a flat fee of $2000. Is that a reasonable amount? is there any possibility I could not have a DUI on my record and/or not serve jail time?
If you like and trust the lawyer you should go with them