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I want to file a bankruptcy. I injured someone during a car accident. I plead guilty to a DWI.
I was high during the accident and had very little car insurance. I have no job and don't really own anything. Can I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Debt for personal injury caused by you while driving when under the influence cannot be discharged during bankruptcy.
I was convicted of DUI in Florida in 2009. I served out all fines, and was placed on county probation.
I was homeless and living in my truck at that time. My officer said I could move to NJ with family where I had stability. I had difficulty getting into classes and violated. I eventually got the classes done and filed in Florida, but not the required community service. Public defender in Florida advised me that it would not be accepted because it was worked in NJ. I was also advised that I may be charged with felony absconding even though I had permission to move. I only see a no extradite VOP active. I now have a full time job, my own home, and a life in NJ. Is there any way for me to resolve this without going to Florida and turning myself in?
This question needs to be addressed to a FL attorney
Not turning myself into jail and moving out of state?
I am supposed to turn myself in to do 10 days jail time for driving on a DUI suspended in NJ. Later this month. I have a family emergency and find myself needed to move to Florida ASAP. What would happen if I moved and did not serve my jail time?
You'll get a bench warrant, and when you get picked up on it in the future you may serve more than 10 days in jail.
I received a DUI in 1995 while living in Virginia. It was an awful mistake and nothing like that has ever happened again.
I live in NJ now and will probably have to have a background check done for a job. It was a misdemeanor. Should I bring it up? Is it likely to show up?
I generally tell my clients to be honest as possible with these sorts of things because you don't want to come off as...
My Bro in law plans on traveling to Germany, He has an open DUI Bench (no accident or injuries) warrant in Philadelphia.
My Bro in law plans on traveling to Germany, He has an open DUI Bench warrant(no accident or injuries) in Philadelphia. I have learned in this forum that if he were stopped in his neighboring state for any reason he most probably would not be extradited to Philadelphia due to cost etc. But how about traveling abroad. Could he be stopped at the gate and told he could not take his trip. Thanks
He could be stopped at customs coming back in and detained on the warrant.
My Brother has a warrant for not going to a DUI hearing in Phila, PA. He lives in NJ. If arrested can he be extradited to PA?
My Brother has a warrant for not going to a DUI hearing in Phila, PA. He lives in NJ. If he comes into contact with Law Enforcement in NJ will he be arrested and extradited? Would this situation not be important enough to justify the money involved? He has no criminal history
See the answers to your other post. He can bwe detained.
Will DUI hurt my chances of being employed as a teacher?
I received a DUI in Maryland in June 2011. Was given a PBJ and allowed to move back to my home state of NJ. I received another DUI charge in March 2012 in NJ. My life has been hell the past two years and I have been using alcohol as a way to cope. Realized quickly that I have a problem and have since been sober and seeking counseling. However, I am looking to be teaching elementary education. I was able to get my certification in NJ even with my PBJ. I'm worried that employers can find out about the one in MD, considering it was a PBJ, and the one in NJ, considering it's just a traffic offense.
Depending upon how in depth their background check is they can find it. It is already hard enough to get a job these...