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How many years after you get a dui and attend ard program does it take to be exsponged
I got a dui in sept. of 2004
If you successfully completed your ARD probation, then the underlying charges should have been dismissed by the court...
Will i spend time in Jail for fist time dui charge with With blowing over a .16?
Pulled over given sobriety test, and breathalyzer. then arrested for DUI and brought to hospital for chemical test
If you are convicted for a DUI with a BAC over .16 then you will be facing a mandatory 3 days in jail. However, you may...
How can my fiance avoid jail time for driving with a revoked license?
Friday 4/14/17 my fiance was pulled over at 7:30 am in Pennsylvania while on his way to work and arrested for a warrant for missing court back in 2013. His license was revoked in 2011 for a DUI. He was 20 at the time. He was in jail Friday - Monday. He was released Monday with having to complete two classes and going back to court June 13th 2017. This is his first offense for driving without a license. It wasn't until we got home and looked over all of his paperwork when we found out he was charged for driving with a suspended license. We immediately contacted an attorney but there didn't seem to be much hope for my fiance. He told him to turn in his paperwork and plea not guilty and call him. Then he'd take our case. Is this normal? Not only does my fiance not want to spend another second in jail but we also live paycheck to paycheck and have a child which I am homeschooling. Therefore he's our breadwinner. What can we do? We've researched this offense and it says a minimum of 60 days maximum 6 months. Please help!!
You need to trust the attorney rather than second guessing him. Responding to the charges, hiring an atrorney, and...
I had 3 dui's in pa. 1st in 92 2nd & 3rd in 94 & 95. I left pa. in "95 and returned in "99 to serve 6 mos. A warrant went out.
I returned to Pa. in 2010. With no help from any gov't office I called the Northampton Da office. Was told if I pay $2500 all charges would be dropped. Now theyre saying I still owe on dui #2
I would call your local county bar association for a good referral for a criminal defense attorney in that area. They...
If you get a blood done and it's negitive of any drugs but still had alcohol in your system can you still get a dui?
I was pulled over for speeding and the officer suspected I smoked Marijuana. He took me into custody for the suspicion of marijuana. Which I know I didn't smoke it and have ever smoked it
Sure. They have to articulate why they believed there was probable cause to believe you were under the influence....
If you are caught driving with an uninspected vehicle in PA, what are the consequences?
My Inspection is due right now in February, 2017. I need new tires. With that said, I have to wait until the first week of March to get tires and Inspection. If I happen to get pulled over, what are the consequences? Will I just have to pay a fine? Or Will they impound my car? Arrest me? Suspend my license? Etc. What all Will I be looking at if I am pulled over?
If the only issue is an inspection, the worst you are facing is a fine, as long as you address the citation. If you can...
How do I file a written motion to suppress evidence I cannot afford an attorney and don't qualify for a public defender
Dui case, blood was draw against my will with no warranty, field sobriety tests or breathalyzer. Officer stated in courtroom that he can just do that as he pleases and the 4th ammendment has no sway in Pennsylvania
We really don't have enough space here to teach you how to write a motion. Also, it's a bit like going to the carpenter...