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If I'm charged with DWI G.S. 20-138.1 and G.S. 20-138.3 under 21 can I get the Pre-trial License after 10 days?
Under 21 and was told I cannot get the Limited Driving Privilege Pretrial Revocation because of that. However, on the form and after reading the actually Statue I didn't see were it restricted that under any of the statues but I may have missed it. Can you give me the statue that contains this wording or is just common practice for a judge to not authorize this because of my age?? Or was I told wrong and can I apply for this as I am a student and have a job in a rural area. I know I must get an assessment first. All help will be greatly appreciated .
I am not aware of a restriction on getting a pretrial privilege due to being under 21. If you were convicted of the...
Can I get help? Should I get help? What should I do?
I got pulled over tonight for a dui with a0.08 and speeding 74 in a 65 this is my first offense and I also have a cdl they took my license for 30 days what should I do
As a holder of a CDL, your license IS your life. What can and should you do? Unless you want to lose employment as a...
When can I apply for a conditional license or driving privilege? Have not had any other tickets.
DUI conviction date of 06/13/2013 and 06/002/2014. First DUI ticket was 12/13/2012 and second was 02/01/2013. Have satisfied all the state requirements and fines.
With two DWI convictions you would be assessed a four year suspension but be eligible for a reinstatement hearing after...
Do I need an attorney to apply for a conditional license?
Conviction date of 06/13/2013 for first DUI and conviction date of 05/29/2014 for second DUI. First ticketed on 12/13/2012 and second ticket on 02/01/2013. Both were DUI's. BAC of .12 and a refusal. Wanting to know if I can apply for a conditional license and/or driving privileges.
Contact a local DUI attorney directly. Use the find lawyer tab above. It is likely you can at least get some privileges...
My 20 yr old son was convicted of his 1st DWI and 11 months later at age 21 charged with the 2nd. What's he facing?
1st DWI blew .17 @ age 20, licensed revoked for 1 yr & interlock system to be placed for one yr after obtaining license back. The month before his yr of revocation was over, he (now age 21) was charged with the 2nd dwi, blowing .15. Please help us see what he's possibly facing.
Hes facing automatic jail time for a second offense and loss of license for several years. He should consult with an...
Is it possible to get a "DUI" off of my record?
When I was 18, I was pulled over for speeding (10 over). The police officer suspected me of drinking due to the smell of my passengers. I had previously consumed a few drinks but was confident I was ok. I agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a .05. I was given a citation, not detained, and allowed to drive home. Under the advice of my paid attorney, I plead guilty (hindsight tells me this was a mistake) and I received limited driving privileges and basic alcohol education classes. This was settled a while after the initial citation and after I had turned 19. On my record, I have a DUI. This has been extremely inconvenient recently. I am now 22, attend a university, and seeking engineering internships. Due to the nature of my desired career, a DUI on my record can be troublesome. Additionally, I was recently denied a purchase permit (NC) due to this being on my record. Is there any course of action that can be taken to rid the DUI on my record? This was the first offence, did not have a previous record, and have not been found guilty of a crime since. Is it worth obtaining paid legal representaion? Or am I doomed to live with a mistake I made while I was a teen? Thankyou
There is a difference between a conviction for DWI (or DUI) and Driving After Consuming Under Age 21 in North Carolina....
What next for getting a citation for a dwi?
I was citated for a dwi my license were taken for 30 days granted I was given a 10 day driving certificate.I went to a drug assessment but they felt like it was unnecessary and denied me of the program this is my first DWI so what's the good and bad news
I suppose you had an assessment and their determination was you didn't need treatment.,.if that's the case, that's...