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Does a DUI have a statute of limitations?
My 71 year old father was pulled over for failure to pull over enough while driving around a traffic stop. They ran his license and found a 22 year old DUI in another state. He was arrested & spent 5 days in jail. Returns to court in October with possibility of more time.
There is a statute of limitations with regard to charging someone with any crime. However, don't confuse the statute of...
DUI Diversion revocation
Graduate student- charged with first time DUI in 2014- no record prior. Entered into pre-trial diversion which I completed flawlessly, no failed U/A-Breathalyzer, no missed apts, my D/O concluded my case would be dismissed upon my last appt Dec 2016. In March 2016 I received a notice of revocation of my previously completed diversion. This was due to a police report nearly a year prior that named me in a group of over 18 individuals that were halted by police for being rowdy outside a bar. I was never on bar property. Infact this incident was well over 2000-ft from the bar and I had only showed up minutes before to pick up friends. After explaining to police they took my statement, license, and let me be the first to drive off with the friends I came to pick up (they ended up letting everyone go). My name was on police report, thus it flagged the prosecutor at end of diversion background check. After 18 months of prosecutor plea's my attorney has now set case for an evidentiary hearing. I do not live in the state anymore, and travel frequently as a consultant. I am not guilty, and do not want placed back on div/charged for DUI. If judge rules against, can I appeal? Thx
Yes, if the judge rules against you, you have the right to file an appeal within 30 days.
I got a dui on 2017
first time dui , park on hwy sleep and got blow on scene .175
You did not post a question, but I will tell you that you are charged with a Class A misdemeanor, punishable up to 364...
Dui lessened to Reckless Driving
If my DUI is reduced to Reckless Driving, what are my possible outcomes? Will my drivers license no longer be suspended?
Given the limited facts provided, it is not possible to give you all of the possible outcomes. However, it is likely...
Is it illegal in Illinois to be public intoxicated?
I got stopped for public intoxication, I didn't quite understood what the officers said to me because I was severely intoxicated.
Yes. It is illegal to be intoxicated in public in Illinois.
Suppress a dui case??
How can you suppress it? Like what kind of evidence do you need to suppress it?
Your question is a lot like going up to the homerun king and asking him how to hit a grand slam. First, you have to...
Dui my boyfriend is illegal
My boyfriend got a dui he is here in the county illegal yes he got a fine and cant drive for 6 months. However him and my brother we behind my garage doing burn outs. someone called the police they arrested him. Now he got a tickets for driving on suspended and he revoked his other probation period he was on. Plus a ticket for squealing his wheels and they impounded his truck. He was not driving but yes he was making his tires burn he is very worried. He has a lawyer they gave him a offer of ten straight days in jail. He is scared he will be deported this is his first dui.
He has a lawyer, so all concerns should be addressed to the lawyer. He was driving if he was doing burn outs. Doesn't...