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i wasn't read implied consent. i was refused all sobriety test and Breathalyzer. i did take a Breathalyzer at booking. this will be my 2nd dui. it was a roadblock and all the state troopers lights were off.
If you are thinking you are going to represent your self, that is a terrible idea. Hire a lawyer immediately.
i rolled up on a georgia state patrol road block. all of their lights were off. the cop immediately ask me how much i had been drinking. i said none and then told him 5 mixed drinks. i never said i drinked alcoholic mixed drinks. i denied taking any of the field sobriety test. since i didn't give consent would he still need to read me the implied consent? the jailers made me blow in a roadside blow test and blew .132 they never made me use the real machine while being booked. also the cop was talking on his cellphone and didn't buckle me up on the way to jail. they never breathalyzed me before releasing me from jail also. is there anyway to get this thrown out? does the implied consent still matter since i said no to the field sobriety test.
Your question is a little confusing based upon your chronology of events, but the short answer is implied consent must...
He blew on the side of road, twice; also did the roadside sobriety test and past. The officer arrested him, had him in handcuffs and started reading the Ga. State Admin. Test card to him and he told the officer, that he was already arrested and in handcuffs, why was he doing it again. So, he was taken to jail and charged. He blew a .06 at the jail on the hand held breath machine.
If they cop said he refused to take a test then he is in jeopardy of having his license suspended for a year. Please...
I got a DUI in Georgia in November of 2011. So 2 1/2 years past, and I'm scheduled for court I'm December. I have an attorney. Should the case be thrown out for taking so much time?
I believe you are referring to the two year statute of limitations. The case would only be thrown out if the state...
There was no alcohol involved and the friend was not in possession of any drugs. This happened at a road block.
generally speaking, this is still a valid ticket. If the wrong name, entirely, is on the ticket that would be a defense....
I am name habitual violater
Not unless its related to a breathing problem.
we have a child together and he has no criminal record only a dui when he was 17 that it and i have no criminal record
I think you want to ask this question to an immigration attorney. But usually a DUI conviction will not prevent him.