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Should I enter the diversion program that was offered to me?
I am 17 and was charged with mip, fake Id, and aiding and abetting to a crime in henrico, va. This was my first ever offense and I was offered a Diversion program in which my license is suspended for 6 months with no chance of getting a restricted license. This is a major problem for me as I commute to and from college every day and have a job. i was told the only way I could get a restricted license is by facing a judge. Is it worth it to go before a judge? What can I expect if I go before a judge? How can I make the best decision with the lest impact on my criminal record and future?
Yes. Talk to your attorney and if he recommends talk to the judge.
What should you expect after receiving an unsuccessful violation report from your PO?
My fiancé has been on probation for around 5 months now, he has been completely compliant throughout. He received a letter today with no explanation of what was going on, stating he tested negative for illicit drugs X number of times but was unable to provide urine on X number of occasions. It's mentioned he has performed all other requirements deemed by the judge... what kind of trouble is he in? Will he have to go to jail? The last statement on the letter says CCS recommendation: show cause requested
1. nothing 2. show cause hearing 3. revocation and suspended sentenced revoked.
My fiancee has been accused of a positive drug test thru VA probation but ha never seen chain of custody or labs
He is a sex offender..Offense 25 yrs ago..I ave power of attorney whirl he's incarcerated. A probation says I cannot have chain of custody paperwork..We also have ever been made aware f these allegations until 2 most dear supposed test results. What paperwork do I ave right to see. Who protects h from this Probation Dept.
Under Cox v. Commonwealth your fiancee has certain rights to confront and challenge an alleged failed drug screens. It'...
What happens if I fail one of my random color drug tests in pretrial services in chesterfield va? Will I get locked up instantly
Just curious as to what would happened if I were to fail a random color coded drug test in pre-trial services? What do they do when they say you've failed? Do they arrest you on the spot? Or do they schedule a court date to come in? What exactly would be the proceess be?
How the Pre-Trial Services agency responds is based on what the local practice is. Our local Community Corrections...
Was stopped on the highway in my company vehicle and was towed for 30 days because of a suspended license from a DUI
I was driving my company vehicle which is in my company's name can they still keep my company's vehicle for 30 days. My company is incorporated and the vehicle is only in the company's name. Is there any way it can be pulled out from impound so another employee can drive it
Contact a local lawyer using the "find a lawyer" feature. Chances are, your attorney can move the court to waive the...
If I got caught for underage drinking will I be drug tested at my hearing ?
I was at my cousins birthday party and the cops came they said the smelt weed so came inside and found a few clips (half smoked blunts) I didn't bring any to the party or even smoke any at the party but I have tried it before and they breathalyzed all of us cause most up us were under 21 they ended up not charging anyone for the weed because no one fessed up but I only drank half a beer and blew a .01 I'm 19 years old and my hearing is in a few days I just want to know if I will get drug tested at my hearing ?
Maybe, maybe not. The judge certainly has the power to order a test.
Can I lose custody of my children after getting a DUI with my children in the car?
My ex husband and I have joint physical custody of our children. During the week when the children were with their Dad, he received a DUI and was arrested while the children were with him. What are my chances of gaining full custody?
Anything can happen in a custody case. They are extremely driven in fact. Hire an experienced attorney.