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How long does it take for a Drug & Alcohol evaluation appointment after your first Court appearance for a DUI in Illinois?
I am scheduled for a Court date in late August and I was wondering if I can make the appointment prior or would the Court give me a date at the time of my appearance.
I am not licensed in Illinois, but what I would suggest you do is call an experienced criminal defense attorney who...
Driving on revoked license in Illinois, third time. I had just finished everything. Was waiting on my hearing permits expired.
I was waiting for my hearing when my permits expired. Day after my Baiid unit was taken out I got arrested on my way to work. Two weeks later arrested again for DWLR in Washington, Illinois. Leaving work. I had got caught for driving on revoked in 2007. Which was my last arrest until these two most recent ones. Not that it would matter really. My license is revoked because of a 2006 DUI arrest and conviction. So the charges are extremely serious. Don't expect a miracle just want someone who's willing to fight for me.
The punishment in scenarios like yours can vary widely based on several factors, including the particular tendencies of...
I was arrested for DUI and then a month later arrested for driving on a suspended license. What happens in court?
do I need a lawyer for this?
Driving during a Statutory Summary Suspension (DUI suspension) is a mandatory jail time offense. Assuming you were...
I have 3 fails on my baiid machine?!!
One instance was after using mouthwash i blew a .10 and immediately calle dthe company to notify them and the other 2 times a family memeber tried to move my vehicle and the state is want an explanation what is going to happen?????!?!?
You allowed a drunk family member to move your vehicle not once, but twice? Will this drunk family member allow him/...
I am on court supervision for DUI i have a petition to revoke i have not done classes or community service yet but have paid hal
Half the fine what will happen tomorrow at court?
You should have your attorney show up. The judge is going to ask you why you did nothing. Typically Judges not very...
Scheduled for hearing to revoke my court supervision ..
due to financial difficulty bankruptcy/foreclosure i wasnt able to pay anything on my fine in time and also discovered 1 missed course.........i have now paid my fine in full and have paid in full to start missed class ......i go to court befor class starts.will i be given a jail scentence
You need to retain an attorney to assist you in laying out a plan to complete all of your requirements. A good attorney...
Petition to revoke court supervision for failure to pay fines and a 12 hour class missed
dui i recieved in oct 2012. fines were to be paid by feb 6th hardship i could not pay now i call to start making payments iam able financialy to now and supervisior says to late they filed a ptr
Once the PTR is started you must complete the administrative process so hire counsel. Some times the time limits are...