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Recently granted a Restricted Driving Permit for certain days and hours. (work) I have a BAIID installed in my car. Is it alright for other people to drive my car? What happens if I lend my car outside of the hours that I am permitted to drive? Does Secretary Of State check the days and hours from the BAIID reports every month. Example, I am not allowed to drive on Sundays. Would it be alright if my car is driven by someone other than myself on Sundays. Thanks in advance.
They can drive the vehicle, but unless you have solid proof of who was driving it and when, you could find yourself on...
I have had 3 DUI's in the State if Illinois. My license is in "hard time" according to the Sec of State until Nov 30th 2012. What are my options for getting my driving privileges reinstated? Thank you. This is the Illinois Secretary of States website....
Cook County Jail. I was told that if the day I go in for processing, and if the jail is full than certain inmates with non-violent history like DUI offense would be available for house arrest? Please can you tell me the details, I am sentenced for 90 days for having triple the legal limit, and have 36 months probation. My lawyer asked the judge for work release, but judge said "its mandatory" so please help me understand.
Work release means you get go to work. Home confinement means you are in jail at home, which means you cannot leave.
Can the charging state choose to simply revoke my driving privileges in their state only? Can it be included in my plea agreement not to report to my licensing state?
As an example, if you have an illinois license and you are convicted of DUI out of state, then Illinois will revoke...
Also, she violated probation of her prior DUI with the last one. Bond was set in amount we can't afford($100K=$75K for violating the probation and $25K for the last DUI). Can we reduce the portion of the bond for the probation violation, if we hire an attorney?
If you hire an attorney, your attorney may file a motion to reduce the bond. However, there is no guarantee that the...
I assumed that's what I was supposed to wear, but my lawyer said that is admits guilt and sport short and slacks should do just fine? Good advice, or bring the extra just in case? All opinions welcome. It's not in Chicago, but kind of a middle class suburb if that matters.
your attorney who practices in front of your judge will no best but generally a coat and tie is NOT necessary. Business...
I recently blew a violation of what I'm assuming is .05 or higher on my baiid. If the SOS doesnt believe my explanation of it being due to a combination of mouthwash, cough syrup and Nyquil, as I have been fighting this potent flu bug that is going around, what is most likely penalty I'm looking at?
Not likely Stay off the internet Hire counsel Work to make a plan