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My son got arrested for first offense driving on revoked what should I expect in court? He was revoked for DUI 1yr ago
His revokes was for DUI and he's never been in any trouble before
Check with a local attorney who deals with these types of cases. Find one here on searching is free and...
What should I expect my son to get when he goes to court on his vop he violated for driving on revoke 1st offense
his original charge was driving on suspended and DUI there for his lisence was revoked for a yr that was 10 months ago
There is a statutory minimum amount of days for driving on revoked license when the revocation is based on a DUI....
DUI & possession of a fire arm.ask to see the videos from 4 patrol cars ,they cant find they still have a case?
.16 blood alcohol level.gun not loaded. happened june 8, 2014.police dispatched to 2:03 was woke up truck searched failed field sobriety test took to hospital drawn blood and was at the jail in under an hour?
Yes. They still have your BAC and the testimony of the officers. The lack of video can speak to "bad police work" but...
Will I be charged with a DUI?
I was pulled over and the officer asked if I'd been drinking. He asked me to get out of the car and he searched the vehicle. He said I was swerving and that I couldn't even stand up right. He never gave me any kind of sobriety test. He asked for my address and drove me home.
Based on the information that you put in your question, the answer is no. A person charged with a DUI is almost always (...
Does an online DUI school satisfy the county's requirements?
I received a DUI in Chattanooga but I live out of state. A condition of my plea bargain was to attend DUI school, so I would like to know if the county court accepts completion of an online DUI course. I've found several that offer a 12hr class, which I believe satisfies the state requirement. If so, what are the more reputable online services?
If you want to KNOW (caps intentional) "if the county court accepts completion of an online DUI course" then I suggest...
I got arrested for dui
They didn't put the right arresting county on all my paper work when I was arrested dose that matter
No, it doesn't matter, it's just a clerical error.
Can you get a dui off your record?
I received a dui in Tennessee. I had a Maryland cdl. I would like to get my cdl back. Can I get the dui charge sealed or expunged?
Highly unlikely even through expungement.