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Is it possible to get a dui removed from your record to get a job ?
Lets say that I have good time under my belt . I have also proved that I have had help with alcolhism can i get a dui removed from my record? How much woukd it cost and what is the process?
Unfortunately, a DUI can never be removed from your record. The statute specifically states this. Sorry.
What is the outcome if i have a cwaf for a dui in massachusettes and a conviction of a dui in colorado?
I had a cwaf in Mass but i sucessfully completed it and it was dismissed. Six years later( like two days ago i got arrested for a dui ) I now have a conviction of a dui in CO. I thought it would count as my 2nd offense but when i got arrested i was treated as a first offense. I didnt need to bond out. Also i sighned a paper saying it was my first offense .
The issue is whether it would come up in the system or not, so speak to representation
Are their lawyers out there that will make a payment plan after helping a client with a dui case?
I got a dui in colorado and a cwaf in massachusettes . Im a independent college student which means im so broke . Any suggestions ? Also i have no family support .
You should repost your question in the "criminal defense" or "DWI section." Realistically, you will need to just call...
Will i be convicted for a second dui in the state of colorado if i already have a CWOF in the state of Massachusetts?
When i recieved the CWOF in Massachusettes i was a massachusettes resident. I got the CWOF 6 years ago. I am no a resident of colorado and will be found guilty of a dui .
I had to look up what CWOF was in Massachusetts and it is the same as a Deferred Judgment and Sentence (DJS) here in...
I purchased a car 2 years ago with an interlock on it. Can I remove the interlock so that the car can be driven and sold?
I purchased this car from an alcoholic son who spent the money on drugs and alcohol instead of getting the DUI classes required by DMV after fulfilling 1 year in treatment for voluntary commitment. He did not get his license back and tested positive for drugs after returning to work resulting in his termination. His mother and I are in our 60s with health problems and our son, an alcoholic and drug addict, . We have tried to kick him out several times but he suffers from depression and obesity, hence, can not survive on the streets. We hope to use the funds from sale of this car to get him into a half-way house.
If you are the titled owner of the vehicle, you may alter it in any manner you see fit and sell it. I would guess the...
Is there a time frame for the police station to send my case report and license to the DMV?
Reason for being pulled over was because my head light was out i showed officer that it really wasnt then he changed to i was swerving and gave me a summans for a dwai charge. He took my license and did not me no paperwork of proof and did not send anything to DMV untilil the 7th day
Thinking 30 days to 6 months ask them or your lawyer.
How do I file an appeal on a felony dui conviction
Officer testified she never offered me a breath test...
Please try your question again in the "criminal defense" and "DUI" sections of this AVVO service