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DUI in Duluth Municipal Court.
I was arrested for a DUI. The case is in Duluth municipal court. I worked out a deal with the solicitor. I finished all classes and all requirements. Finished my probation a month ago but still haven't heard from them regarding official disposition. Do I need to request that or is it mailed to me? And if i need to request it do i just show up in court and what is the the process? Thank you.
It's not clear if you were convicted, or if you participated in some type of pre-trial diversion program. If you were...
DUI less safe drugs and roadblocks
I was stopped at a roadblock shortly after smoking marijuana. I did have it in my possession and my blood was tested. I had also taken an unprescribed adderall previously that day. In my understanding, they must prove that I was a "less safe" driver because of the marijuana. How can this be done if I was stopped at a roadblock? Also, how will the adderall come into play (if at all)?
Most prosecutors will take the "any in your system" approach. But you are correct about less safe, it is difficult if...
Clearing a DUI warrant for a non domicile
Dear sirs I am an English national who was working in Georgia on an H1 B visa from 2001 to 2002. I was arrested for a DUI in 2001 and paid my fine and attended court. I thought that the matter was closed however I have taken a vacation in the USA twice in the last few years and every time I get stopped for an outstanding warrant. Is there any way I can get this charge removed? If it's not possible to have the charge removed would there be a chance of being denied entry to the USA by border control? As mentioned I get pulled and questioned by border guards but have been allowed entry but I would like to get this warrant closed out or removed if possible. I'm planning a honeymoon in Seattle this fall and would like to have this cleared before then if possible.
Usually a misdemeanor will not affect you because most states do not extradite misdemeanants. However, why would you...
Just relocated to Cartersville from Texas. I have 3 DWI's in Texas with the suspension being lifted the middle of May.
I have 2 questions, one is do I have to pay the surcharge to reinstate my license? Do I have to take the DWI classes that the TXDPS ordered me to take since I am no longer a resident of Texas?
You need to re-post this question under the Texas Forum so Texas lawyers may answer it. However, I believe the answer...
What are the steps to getting a license back when they were revoked from a DUI??
Hello, my fiancé is currently in prison for a dui, he has spent 2 years in the Ohio state prison and is looking to be released early for good behavior. He and I both want to know what the procedures are for him to obtain his license . He plans on moving to Georgia (where I currently reside) , he wont know yet if he is going to be released early yet, if he is then he will be on probation, will that stop him from getting his license sooner?? Please let me know what we can do about this, THANKS!! SINCERLEY TONYA PURDIE
Being on probation will not likely affect his ability to get his license. If he had an OH driver's license he will...
DUI: Office of Administrative Hearings. How to remove suspension?
I got a DUI and was scheduled to have a hearing at the office of administrative hearing for the drivers license. I missed that and my license was suspended. I finished with my DUI case and have disposition from the court. How to I submit that to the Administrative Hearings Office to remove my suspension? Thanks.
Depends on your case. If you were a refusal and missed the ALS court date your suspended and it can't be removed. If...
Can I get out of jail on a dui charge because a rehab facility misdiagnosed me with hep c causing me to break 2 months sober?
Upon completion of a 2 month op rehab facility, my discharge papers listed hep c as my diagnosis. My sponsor told me I had it. I was destroyed. I proceeded to binge drink cause I thought I was dying. They sent me an apology letter saying it was incorrect. But too late. I have a dui and I am sitting in jail. Do i have a cases
The law does not care why you were drunk. You were intoxicated behind the wheel putting lives in danger. Stop posting...