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How did I get charged with two DUIs and I was only pulled over once when the cop charged me with two DUIs called it a double dui
Charged with a double Dui During only one traffic stop. I was pulled over once and the cop charged​ me with Two DUIs at once. Just for drinking a 6 ounce pony can beer. I blew a .045 and was still arrested for two DUIs. How is that possible?
You can be charged in multiple different way for the DUI at the same time but for sentencing they merge resulting in a...
Dui ?
Will a dui after 10 year's show up in another state
If that state runs the standard criminal background check yes.
Is it best just to plea guilty on DUI.
I was driving and made a turn somehow my hand had to hit the switch to turn my headlights off. But I had drunk a little blowed a 1.43. Is that bad the 1.43 and what's going to happen to me.
Had drunk a little? .. you blew a .143, that's almost twice the legal limit. You need an attorney to try and minimize...
Can I sue a state if I was arrested for DUI controlled substance and the charges were dismissed?
I had a car accident which I admitted it was my fault and the officer said I was acting strange. Another officer showed up at the sense and immediately stated acting me questions and made me feel uncomfortable. He proceeded to ask me questions and me what I was on. I told him nothing. He found out I had my prescribed me which wasn't a controlled substance and poured my medicine in his hand to count my amount of pills. He made me do the dui field test and before I proceeded to do so I told the officer that I was unable to do the walking test cause I was having problems with my knee and he to me to do the test anyway. I fell like I had already told the officer and he arrested me. I didn't know what I was being charged with til I got to the jail when I was finally read my rights. I had to go back and forth from GA to AL to finally get my charges dropped for my prescribed medication which I was never under the influence. I have never so humiliated in my life nor arrested before.
Yes, but it would be a very long shot. Immunity is provided for officers and sheriff's deputy working within the...
How do I with draw a dui pled?
In may of 2017, I was charge with dui and failed to report accident. I didn't do any of it. Someone who I let borrow my car did everything. I got a call from him and he said he got into a accident. So I went to the car and the police came . The police assume I hit something and was drinking. I took the fall for it but the police did a walk test but did not do the breath test. He automatic charge me with dui and failed to report accident. Once I got to the police station I took a blood test. I know I was not drinking or smoking. I didn't have anything in my system. I pled guilty because I did not want stay in jail. I wanted to know is there anyway that I can withdraw my pled and innocent. Because I wasn't drinking or tell them it was someone else. I don't know what to do. Just wanna clear my name.
You are more than foolish if you plead guilty and now, after the fact, you want to change your plea. Tell me, why...
How many mg of hydrocodone in my blood work constitute a DUI?
Will I be charged with DUI if I only had 9.2 mg of hydrocodone in my system at my time of my arrest?
Its not the number value important here. It is were you "less safe due to the medication". People build up a tolerance...
Should I disclose my DUI arrest to the licensing board?
Recently I got a DUI. I have never been arrested for anything in my life. Never been in trouble either. The case is still pending. My OTR license is up for renewal in less than a year. Should I disclose this arrest to the licensing board or wait for the case to be closed? Will my license be denied?
You need to look at the license renewal application. What does it say? Some applications require you to reaffirm that...