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DUI: How to End 3 Years TASC sentence earlier?
I have felony DWI and sentenced to 18 month license revocation and 3 Years TASC. I made already 1 Year with good standing. Is it possible to be released earlier?
You should contact Suffolk Tasc directly, ask your caseworker
I received a pink summons in fire island ocean beach ny. I was very intoxicated and acted very badly. I received a pink summons?
My pink summons says disorderly conduct and mentions I tried to push the police officer away from me. I'm worried about the possible consequences of this pink summons. The police told my fiancé at the time that I would have to pay a fine. I'm very sorry and ashamed of my behavior.
It is not a crime so you will not end up with a criminal record. The case will get sealed.
What does it mean when you have a conference with a supervisor for DWI?
Hello, I was charged with a DWI a few months back in Suffolk County NY. It is my first offense, no priors. My attorney, through a conference was able to get a deal where I can get community service, victim impact panel, drinking driver program and breathalyzer in the car for a year. After the year reduction to DWI once I comply with terms and conditions. I asked my attorney what happens next court date because I haven't plead yet. I was told, "We will meet with supervisor morning of court." What does this mean? What does a Supervisor do for this? What does my lawyer mean, exactly when they imply we are meeting with a supervisor the morning of court? I'm just curious, also, if they were able to reach this deal and although not signed yet, if they told me this is what I'm getting is it likely what I'll be getting?
You have an attorney. That's who you ask.
If you agreed to interim probation with a revocation of license for 3 months and to complete the DDP Program, can the terms....
Long story short. I was pulled over for DWI in 2013. Last July (2016), I took a plea deal for a misdemeanor DUI with 1 year interim probation, completion of another substance evaluation and 70 hours of community service then after completion, I pay a $500 fine, my license be suspended for 3 months and that I complete the DDP (aka IDP) program. I just completed the first part and go back to court August 1st. My question is, can these terms be changed? Based on (1) Evaluation showed I do not have a substance abuse problem & no treatment was recommended & (2) Life circumstances. My mom had a heart attack in February which was really bad. Her heart is very damaged (works at 35%) and she can only work part time. I work like crazy. I'm a professional school photographer and freelance website development, marketing, & SEO so I can pay my bills and hers. I also pick her up everyday to make to her walk, buy her groceries so she's eating right, take her to her doctor appointments, pay her co-pays, etc. Without my license, I will not be able to keep on top of those things or afford to pay for the additional fees that come with suspension, program payment, reinstatement, etc.
A plea bargain is a contract so you cannot change the terms of the deal unless the Judge and the DA agree.
Is there any way my second dwi could be a misdemeanor?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DWAI (drugs and alcohol combined) in 2014. BAC was .05. I was just charged with a DWI (just alcohol) class e felony. I refused a test at the time of the arrest. I spent 7 days in jail. Is there anyway I could get this charge dropped to a misdemeanor? I am a straight A college student, I am a manager at my job, and I have no prior convictions except for the DWAI in 2014. I am currently on probation with less then a year left and good reports. I really dont want a felony on my record. Is this possible?
Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. There is always the remote chance the DA will reduce the charge to a...
Can a college dismiss you from. Program based on a suspicion of cheating?
There was a rumor going around this past semester that people cheated on one of the tests. I was suspected because my grade happened to be high and when people asked me about it I got defensive. My other grades were were not as high as the one I got on the suspected tests. There is no proof that I cheated but can they dismiss me for suspecting me of cheating?
I would think that they would need proof that you cheated on an exam before taking any disciplinary action against you....
What is the longest possible punishment for a DWI ACCIDENT with no license in NY, Long Island? Thank you
I don't have a license and I was in a. Ad accident nobody was hurt but me I was honest with the cop. I was very hurt I needed 3 surgeries I couldn't walk and Am still having trouble walking I was In a nursing home for a little while so I didn't make arraignment court there is a warrant out for my arrest I also have a case with family court due to my addiction and missed court for that so they issued a warrant ALSO I am terrified and I do not know what to expect when I go turn myself in. I have been waiting until I Walk a little better because I know I need to be prepared to do some time. I WOULD JUSY LIKE TO KNOW HOW MUCH TIME.
Assuming you are charged with a misdemeanor the maximum jail sentence is 1 year. Given the circumstances, I think a...