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How likely is it that I would be granted permission, to move out of California, on Probation (Interstate Compact Act)?
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI in CA after hitting another vehicle. I was given 4 years of Summary (Unsupervised) Probation. One of the requirements is I must obtain permission from the Probation Department per the Interstate Compact Act to leave/move out of state. I have been on Summary Probation for 19 months. I have completed all the court requirements: Paid fines fully, full restitution to the person I collided with, completed my 18 month DUI program, completed my MADD class, completed my work release. Everything required by the court is complete. I have family out of state and my wife can get a job out there. What are the chances I will be given permission to move? Do I need a lawyer or paralegal to handle to request from the Probation Department?
Why don't you just ask them first? Go to the probation department and talk to them about this. Good luck.
Have a Dui from 1996 and also one from 2006 all fines are paid never finish classes will I still be able to get a restricted lic
Nothing left at the courts only through the DMV
What does the DMV say about this? You'll probably need an SR-22 and an IID, but who knows. There's not enough...
After DUI Dismissal
My arrest was 4/2013, i went to court for this may 12, when i asked the court clerk to clear my fta she hit me with the dui 6 month suspension, now my case is dropped and i need to know if this suspension has to be served or not. I called dmv and they tell me to contact Mandatory actions unit but they dont answer. on top of everything i blew a .758(at pd) and was 22, i blew .083(field breathlyzer). should i wait for court to update dmv? or keep trying the dead number MAU
I'm sorry, but I can't figure out what happened. You say the DUI was dismissed, but you also had an FTA. The DMV...
What is the punishment for a 4th driving on a suspended license
I believe my boyfriend has 4 now but it all started from child support but he just recently paid it all off and child support released it but he still has a hold he's gonna add himself on calendar he just wants an idea on what to expect
Search for a California lawyer who does traffic cases. Use the Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the page. Most lawyers...
Hello, i received a letter from CHP. 53150. Do i have pay for it now or after my court at May 5?
What kind of legal action if i did not pay it. Since no one is injured at the accident.
For drunk driving incidents, under California Government Code section 53150, the drunk driver can be responsible for...
Where can I find the form to request the Superior Court to review the DMV Hearing for DUI? Writ of Admin Mandate?
I searched the Internet and Superior Court of Riv website for hours. Can't find the form. Only found one for Orange County & SD. Please help. I can't afford an attorney-single mom, employee and student. I lost the DMV hearing, got 1 yr suspension for refusal BUT the COURT dropped to Wet Reckless and dropped the refusal.
I do not think there is a such a form. I just draft up the writ from scratch. Hire an attorney to prepare it for you.
I got arrested for DUI because i was involved into an accident,
no one is injured and the CHP took my license away and gave me a 30 days temporary license, now the dmv sent me another one, and it is good until May 15th, as my court hearing is May 5th. Can i purchase a car with temporary license only to the dealer? or what would you recommend.
I think you can purchase a car with a temporary license. I think you can buy a car with no license....just cant drive it.