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My bac blood draw was dismissed as evidence thru criminal courts, can I get the DUI taken off of my driving record?
Today a judge granted for the blood draw that was obtained during my DUI arrest to be dismissed as evidence due to it being obtained illegally. DUI case thru criminal/traffic court was also dissmissed. Now that the judge has excluded this information from being used against me, can I take the disposition from my court date to the DMV court and get the DUI removed off of my record?
Probably only. You can only do that after a complete acquittal.
Blew a .06 and still charged for a dui
A friend of mine got pulled over and charged with a DUI. He blew a .06 the cop told him the limit was .03 and that he was legally intoxicated. My friend blew 3 different times with the same .06 result. He told him he originally pulled him over for swerving, but I was driving next and behind him on the street and freeway for a bit because we live in the general same direction and split ways on our exits. I know he wasn't swerving or anything like that. He also drives a manual/stick shift and was obviously driving it perfect from my point of view. He got pulled over two minutes from his house. He was booked for a dui and was given a temporary license. We hope his case gets dismissed. What do you think his best options are at this point? Are odds against him?
Is your friend under 21? Not sure where the .03 limit comes from. If your friend is over 21, his BAC was in fact a .06,...
Paying off court fee/DMV and getting your license back before the DMV hearing for a dui
If you were driving with a suspended license and got a DUI but pay off the court fee and pay the DMV to reinstate your license before the DMV hearing for the dui and the dui court date what happens? Does it lessen the punishment for driving with a suspended license or ? on the ticket it says driving with no license but it was really a suspended license. How can we ask for the evidence they have against us before the court date? Do we really need a lawyer for all that?
having your license reinstated does help but there's a mandatory min of 10 days jail time for a 14601.2 charge and a...
If you know you will be found guilty at the DMV and for the DUI how do we prepare?
I was told by a lawyer that we could file an sr22 before a license suspencion was given at the DMV for a DUI and our current insurance company we have will never find out about the suspended license, is this true? What are good things to have already before a DUI hearing for the DMV and the actual DUI court date if you're sure you will lose the hearings? You have to go to DUI classes too if we are already signed up for that before we go to the DMV and the court date for the DUI is this good too? First time DUI , over the age of 21 , blew a .16, cop had the kit with him and had him take the breathalyzer test where he was pulled over 3 x, pulled over for swerving.
Your insurance co will find out that your license is suspended. Duplicate question - duplicate answer. . having...
Do I even stand a chance of getting my California RE License after 2 DUI's. One 11 years ago and one 2 years ago.
I want to get my California Real Estate License but am wondering if I should even bother trying. I have an Oregon DUI from 2005 (11 years ago). I was 19 and registered under .08 but I was 19 and of course shouldn't have been drinking at all. I failed to complete the Diversion program Oregon offers as I could not afford the treatment program they wanted me to take so I ended up convicted. Almost exactly 2 years ago in Washington I got another DUI. The reason I drove is not relevant I suppose but I am ashamed I messed up so many years of doing well. I completed all of my treatment and received a certificate for it.
you should speak with a state licensing law attorney. The two DUI's while may post some problem should not be a bar so...
How likely is it that I would be granted permission, to move out of California, on Probation (Interstate Compact Act)?
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI in CA after hitting another vehicle. I was given 4 years of Summary (Unsupervised) Probation. One of the requirements is I must obtain permission from the Probation Department per the Interstate Compact Act to leave/move out of state. I have been on Summary Probation for 19 months. I have completed all the court requirements: Paid fines fully, full restitution to the person I collided with, completed my 18 month DUI program, completed my MADD class, completed my work release. Everything required by the court is complete. I have family out of state and my wife can get a job out there. What are the chances I will be given permission to move? Do I need a lawyer or paralegal to handle to request from the Probation Department?
Why don't you just ask them first? Go to the probation department and talk to them about this. Good luck.
After DUI Dismissal
My arrest was 4/2013, i went to court for this may 12, when i asked the court clerk to clear my fta she hit me with the dui 6 month suspension, now my case is dropped and i need to know if this suspension has to be served or not. I called dmv and they tell me to contact Mandatory actions unit but they dont answer. on top of everything i blew a .758(at pd) and was 22, i blew .083(field breathlyzer). should i wait for court to update dmv? or keep trying the dead number MAU
I'm sorry, but I can't figure out what happened. You say the DUI was dismissed, but you also had an FTA. The DMV...