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  • Felon Who Fatally Stabbed Man Sentenced to 17 Years ...

    Friday Feb 20 | via 

    A convicted felon who fatally stabbed a Moreno Valley man during a street confrontation was sentenced Friday to 17 years to life in prison. Christopher Arin Arredondo, 24, was convicted in November of second- degree murder and a sentence-enhancing allegation of using a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony for the 2013 death of 46-year-old Joe Davila.


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  • Shooting Leaves One Dead in Moreno Valley

    Thursday Feb 12 | via 

    Investigators were seeking the public's help today in figuring out who gunned down a man near a commercial district in Moreno Valley. Deputies responded at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday to a report of gunshots in the 24000 block of Alessandro Blvd., sheriff's officials said.


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  • Moreno ValleyMORENO VALLEY: 3 arrested in carjacking...

    Wednesday Feb 4 | via The Press-Enterprise 

    A man ordered the female victim out of her car at gunpoint at 3:24 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 1, in the 6000 block of Natalie Road in Chino Hills, officials wrote in a news release . Deputies found the suspects two days later while responding to a report of a reckless driver in the 15000 block of Caballo Road in Moreno Valley.


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  • Trial Begins for Felon Who Allegedly Shot Clerk at M...

    Dec 12, 2012 | via 

    Jury selection is slated to begin Thursday in the trial of a reputed Los Angeles gang member accused of shooting a clerk during a Moreno Valley jewelry store heist, then fleeing from police in a 100 mile-per- hour chase caught on camera. Roosevelt Andrew Fernandez, 28, could face more than 30 years behind bars if convicted of the Dec. 12, 2012, holdup at Empire Jewelry and Loan, 24571 Sunnymead Blvd. On Monday, Fernandez's three alleged cohorts -- Jerome Renard Allen, 26, Damine Lavonte Banks, 32, and Traevon Cortez Vidaud, 25 -- were sentenced to between 22 and 25 years in state prison for their roles in the robbery and high- speed chase.


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Moreno Valley Law

no one is injured and the CHP took my license away and gave me a 30 days temporary license, now the dmv sent me another one, and it is good until May 15th, as my court hearing is May 5th. Can i purchase a car with temporary license only to the dealer? or what would you recommend.
I think you can purchase a car with a temporary license. I think you can buy a car with no license....just cant drive it.
According to the Constitution, we as a free people are not required to be licensed to drive an "automobile" as long as it is not used for business purposes, which would then be considered a "motor vehicle". If, after my license has been suspended for a year because of a dui charge, do I legally have to provide a license to an officer if I have been pulled over for a traffic stop? Also, can I legally use this as as a defense if I were to be arreseted. It is clearly stated in the US constitution that a license is not required, so presumably this should hold up in court correct?
Your proposed defense to driving without a license and/or driving on a suspended license will not fly in any court of...
just found out that I have a DUI from 2003 and other what do I do to have my name and record clear.someone using my name how do i go about found out if anything else.
You should get a live scan. Google live scan in your area, there will be a place near you, it will give you everything...
the weed is in AZ that I have to go to court on the 19 Nov that all still looking into just is all news to me. what can I can to clear my record and I'm I going to need a lawyer
If you hire an attorney you May not have to go out there. Call an attorney near the court that has your case even if...
I had a California Driver's License but the police took it following my DUI. They issued me a pink 30 day temporary license paper. My birthday is coming up and my original California Driver's License is set to expire on that date. We are still waiting on discovery and the next scheduled hearing is set for after my birthday. Will the DMV issue me a temporary license extension if my original expires? The DMV field office would not let me renew my original license. They said my pink temporary license is my only license at this point.
You need to renew your license before it expires and it would appear that the old temporary will continue to be valid....
I was very intoxicated and the passenger in my friend's truck when he struck another vehicle. He hopped out but the vehicle kept moving. I pulled on the E brake from the passenger's side just to stop the truck from going any further down this slanted street. The officers that came to the scene arrested both of us for DUI but I don't understand how I am being charged. The keys weren't in the ignition when I pulled the brake. This is ruining my class A license. Do I have a chance to fight this? No priors, and this happened in March. I called the DMV and they confirmed my license has been suspended since April.. Also, can I take this to court before my scheduled court date, because I want to get this all squared away before August. (CALIFORNIA)
You are being charged because the officers didn't know who to charge if your "friend" didnt admit to driving or if he...
Simply put: I went to court had my trial but the misdemeanor is put on the persons record at the DMV. He has contacted me and I want to clear this innocent person.
Call the DMV in Sacramento (that's the main office) and give them the details of your case.