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Is it legal for an officer to approach my parked car, ask me to step outside, and breathalyze me?
My keys were out of the ignition. I blew a .06 but was under 21, however he also hadn't asked me how old I was or looked at my license yet. He didn't say anything about why I was being breathalyzed until I was on the curb, he said he smelled alcohol "somewhere," and he only breathalyzed me. Is he aloud to target me like that? I was literally just sitting in a parked car with my friends and he just assumed I was doing something wrong because I was in a parking lot at midnight.
Analyzing the legality of a detention is a fact-intensive exercise. You may have grounds to challenge the detention,...
72 hour hold for dui probation violation.
My husband was taken in for violating his probation because he had alcohol in his system. They put him on a 72 hour hold which will end on Sunday. Will he be released then or what happens next?
Not entirely clear what will happen. He may not be released before appearing in court.
Can a police officer tow my car even though im in the passenger seat?
Me and a friend are driving down Richmond going back home about 10 minutes away my friend is the one driving and I am in the passenger seat I am the registered owner vehicle is registered tags insurance and I have a license up to date we get pulled over due to fitting a description that we had nothing to do with butt they get our license and ruin both our names and come back to tell us that my friend who is driving has a suspended license I had no knowledge of her license being suspended I asked previously that if she had one before driving my car she said yes but never told me her license was suspended after that they told my car and charge me $301 to get to the tow yard and for storage fees 68 per day this was four days ago I paid the Richmond Police Department State of California hundred and $158 for a release form and I have now to pay over $400 to get my car out of the tow yard is it legal or illegal even though I had no knowledge of her having a suspended license
Yes, the police may lawfully tow a car when the driver's license is suspended. Get your car out as soon as possible...
Never had a license, now DMV has suspended license
Family member has been convicted of a second DUI in 10 years and has already begun the process of working with the court and the sheriffs department through the work alternative program and 18-months driving under the influence classes, and the payment process for the fines and fees. Received order of suspension notice from the DMV, it states that proof will be needed of responsibility of insurance, proof of enrollment in the 18th month classes and payment of fines, goes on to state that electronic device may be installed in the car allowing for the owner to operate the vehicle during the suspension period. This person has been driving without a license because they are undocumented how do we go about explaining this to the DMV and solving the suspension issue in order for this person to be able to go to work in order to pay the fees mandated by both the court and the DMV. In 2015 California allowed undocumented workers to obtain a drivers license, is it possible for this person to obtain the California undocumented person's drivers license?
California law talks about suspensions of a person's PRIVILEGE to drive. If a person doesn't have a license and is...
Will my husband be put on an immigration hold when he shows up for court on a DUI?
My husband got a DUI about 5 years ago and was deported. He came back into the country illegally again about a year after that. About a month ago he was pulled over for running a red light. When they put his name into the police database his DUI from 5 years ago showed up and was told he needed to go to court. My question is will be put on an immigration hold again or will he just be assessed the fines and then let go?
This is a risk neither you nor your husband can afford to take. Immediately seek to consult with immigration counsel...
Need information on how to reverse suspension of DL due to medical condition in CA.
Back in July 2016 I was driving my bike on a hot day and I passed out due to the heat and hit a parked car. Due to passing out, CA DMV suspended my DL. Since I was in the hospital for a long time I never asked for a hearing during the 10 day window mentioned in the letter from CA DMV. I've recovered from my other injuries and need my DL back. My doctor and a specialists checked me out to make sure I'm ok to drive. My doctor completed the DMV medical eval form. Do I need to request a hearing or can I just work with a DMV office?
You need to contact the DMV and request a hearing for them to review and determine whether your medical suspension...
My California driver's license was suspended after I passed out while driving and hit another car. Do I have to get a hearing?
Do I have to get a hearing with the DMV or can my doctor just send a note to the DMV?
You need a DUI defense attorney to handle this for you. You absolutely need a hearing and there are only 10 days from...