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What are my chances of jail time for careless driving in New Mexico?
I was driving at night in new mexico and almost missed getting onto my exit ramp. I made the exit and continued to brake, but suddenly my tires skidded and i jerked the wheel a bit too far. My car was fighting me and i tried to straighten it out. It flipped once and the ambulance came to get me. I got a citation for careless driving, and i have to appear in court in front of a judge. What are my chances of fighting this or is it likely I'm going to jail? I am also fromout of state.
Jail is not very likely. You mostly should be concerned about the insurance rates going up. Careless driving puts a lot...
Can I get charged with DUI, Endangering the welfare of a minor and no drivers license while being in a car rollover?
Had 2 to 3 beers and speeding tried to stop but pushed the brakes to hard which intended us to roll.
Yes to all. Changing category to DUI. You need an attorney ASAP.
Is a 2nd DWI received but was deferred & dismissed still count as a second offense
Rcvd 1st DWI in 2000 2nd 2016 rcvd a deferred sentence charge dismissed if all conditions met which I met won my dmv hearing went to get my driver license was told can't for another year
Yes. There is no statue of limitations on the enhancement of a DWI charge. Also, a deferral still counts as a...
How long do I keep interlock in car after probation is up?
I finished my 6 months of probation, but still have my interlock. Just wondering how long does it stay in and if it means I'm still on probation.
MVD will be able to tell you when you are eligible to reinstate you driver's license. Do not take the interlock off...
Will I pass my lab test 6 days after drinking for about a week straight? I was drinking shots of vodka and malt liquor!
I stopped on a Thursday night around midnight and I have a lab test the very next Thursday! I'm on probation and they always send my urinalysis to the lab! Very nervous and not a drink since or after I take my test!!!
Your body should have processed and eliminated all the alcohol after six days, if you were not continuing to drink...
If you drank a little a Friday night and than a couple shots Saturday night and it might be tested Monday what hepls?
I'm in pre trial and it was homecoming so I took a few shots Friday and Saturday I'm not supposed to drink or smoke but I didn't think they would test me but there is still that possibility just because it was homecoming weekend.. so idk what to do
ETG urine tests can indicate the ingestion of alcohol for the previous three or four days. As the time gets closer to 3...
I'm on pre trial for a fraud case if I give a dirty urine what will happen my time will be up on October 10 2017
So if I give a dirty urine but admit I need help what will happen
Ask them.... here are your options guessing without having your case 1. arrest 2. modification to rehab 3. jail or...