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How can I get DUI charges dismissed?
My husband, myself, and our 10 year old son were involved in a car accident resulting, thank God, with no injuries other than the concussion I received that resulted in my complete memory loss of events. I was not drivong, my husband was but, considering he's on state parole and has no license, he apparently managed to put me in driver's seat. My son told me and officers on scene that this occurred prior to them arriving, and there are statements giving by two independent witnesses who stated I eas not driving. When I was taken for a BAC, which I don't remember signing for nor do I remember being read my rights due to head injury, the only thing found were my prescribed medications both within therapuetic levels despite officer claiming the Xanax was toxic levels at 102 ng/ml. Upon researching on my own and with my sisters help, we discovered that at least three well respected medical journals consider cut off for toxic levels for this particular medication is somewhere between 200-350 ng/ml especially for someone who has been taking this medication on a chronic basis, I.e. more than a year. I have been taking this medication for 4-5 years 3x a day three times a day, 7 days a wee
Ask for a trial, tell your attorney the names and numbers of the witnesses, and hope the judge/jury sides with you....
"Can I get a driver's license in any other state, even though I never had a driver's license. But have a DUI on my record n su
I was operating an automobile without, a driver's license in P.a. Is it possible to get a driver's license in any other states? If I decided to leave P.a. would I qualify for an occupational driver's license, even though I've never had a driver's license and it's suspended for DUI in P.a
You may be eligible for an Occupational Limited License but additional information is needed. You will need a copy of...
What kind of lawyer can help me get my license back. I'm in PA and Massachusetts has a hold on my license.
I just moved to PA. I have prior dui's in Utah. But Massachusetts has a hold on my license and wants records of a DUI in CT. I called CT. They have no record of a DUI. Massachusetts still won't lift the hold.
You need a traffic lawyer in Massachusetts to resolve the license hold there. Best of luck.
What happens when you get new charges and you're already out on bond?
I am out of jail on bond for misdemeanor drug charges. I have a hearing coming up to determine eligibility for ARD. I was just in motor vehicle accident. I did not take anything that day however I took two vicidon and a xanax the day before. I was not impaired while driving but refused a blood test knowing it would still be in my system. They did do a urine analysis and found both substances. The police said they will be charging me with a DUI. I'm trying to get into rehab because I obviously need help. I do have a lawyer from the first set of charges. I have a job with the state, a degree in criminal justice. I just can't seem to get my addiction under control. What do you see happening given the circumstances?
Why do you care what a bunch of random strangers on the internet think about your case? You have hired a professional...
What is the statue of limitations for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
I was arrested & charged with DUI 20 months ago. I got a lawyer who waived my preliminary hearing & pretrial conference, ( I think ). That was over a year ago. Thursday, December 1st, I received legal mail from my lawyer saying my final pre-trial conference is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. It also says if my case is not resolved at the conference, a trial is set for December 21st. This is the first I've heard from my lawyer & the first mail of any kind that I've gotten since my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing. My question is, how much time do they have to get me to court after my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing???
You were charged so now only speedy trial rule matters and your lawyer took the time. Ask your lawyer for more details
What is the statue of limitations for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
It's been 20 months.
To be clear, you were not charged? The normal SOL would be 2 years. In my experience, I'd be surprised if charges were...
What happens when you get a DUI at 16 in PA?
I recently wrecked my car due to a deer running out in front of me. I was sober at the time of the accident, but i still had alcohol in my system. I got arrested for a DUI and was transported to the Hospital for bloodwork. I know it will come back positive. Ive been hearing mixed answers from 90 day suspension, suspension until 18/21... There was no alcohol in my vehicle, only in my body, and a small amount. What is going to happen and what should i do?
Based on what you've written, you may br able to beat the charge. To do that you need to hire a local DUI attorney ASAP....