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Is a lawyer useful to get me a good deal on DUI? What can my punishment be?
I got a .12/.13 DUI. First DUI, clean record before this. I posted bail and was given 4/28 as a court date. What can I expect as a punishment? Fines? Jail? I'm also undocumented.
You most certainly should hire an attorney. In addition to the court proceedings there are the DMV proceedings. DMV...
How do you get permission to leave the state after a misdemeanor DUI?
On Sunday my son was arrested and released for misdemeanor dui (in So Cal). On Thursday he is supposed to leave to college out of state. We just noticed some paperwork said he needed the courts permission to leave the state. How is this obtained?
I'm not sure what paperwork you're looking at, but generally a person with a misdemeanor charge is free to travel...
Whats the best and worst case scenario after getting charged with misdemeanor Dui in Ventura County?
I blew .13 BAC. I was pulled over due to headlights not being on as it was a 2015 electric Fiat which doesnt have auto headlights. I have a clean driving record. the BAC being .13 seems ridiculous as I had 2 coronas and a shot of tequila, mind you i did not eat since 630/7 pm and was pulled over at 230am.
Friend, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney and sooner than later. The clock is ticking with...
DUI .11 Los Angeles CA I recently was pulled over for a license plate light out, observation of a phone in my hand
(I was talking on speaker phone). Following getting pulled over I was asked, and volunteered to a FST. Which I felt I did very well on. I was then asked to blow, blew a .1 and was arrested and taken in, blew a .11 in the station, spent the night and was released in the morning. With a first offense, can I plead it down to a wet/dry drunk? Will being represented help me at all Thank you
You might be able to get a wet reckless. It depends on your attorney, the DA and the judge. You have a choice of...
If you had a dui befor the new law of 10 yrs. Does your Dui get off your record in 7. What year did this law change?
Does your DUI still come off in 7 years if it was down before thev10 year law?
When the look back period became 10 years, it applied to those cases where people were told the prior was only good for...
What can I do to get a restricted license after getting kicked out of my dui program for missed classes?
I have re enrolled. Its my second dui and the program is 18 months. I was told by the dmv they will not reinstate my license until I complete the DUI classes. A lawyer told me that I only need to complete the first year of classes (its been a year and I'm almost done making up the missed classes) and then the dmv will let me have a restricted license. Another lawyer said I have to complete the 18 months. I am caught up on all fines to the court, probation, dui program, and dmv. I have also completed a year with a breathalyzer in my car and shortly after the original suspension was lifted I was kicked out of my dui program for missing too many classes. I understand the dmv only tells me what their computer screen says and I've heard a lot of different responses from lawyers. I just want to know my options so I can fix this and continue to improve my life.
Probably nothing. The DMV only gives you on crack at a restricted license. If you blow it, that's it. Game over....
I was on proposition 36 in Ventura county 6 years ago. I got three strikes for under the influence and failed the program.
I now live in New Mexico, have a three year old. I need my license so I was going to do my time in California. How much time am I looking at and do I need representation? Thank you
1. No idea how much time you're facing. 2. Yes, you need local representation in Ventura.