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My dui was dismissed a year and a half ago, and was just notified of wv dmv revocation, can I fight it since I wasn't charged?
I was arrested for a dui a year and half ago on march 1 2012 went to court in august and case was dismissed, but just last week I was notified that my license would be suspended in 30 days from west Virginia dmv and I could appeal but unsure if I need a lawyer again or if my case being dismissed is enough to make the dmv drop this. I was not found guilty with the state how can the dmv put this on me and make me go through this process over a year later?
Believe it or not the two proceedings are different and in know way related. The DMV may revoke your license despite a...
Arrested for dwi in NC, but a resident of WV?
I was arrested for DWI in NC while on vacation. My driving privileges in NC are revoked for 30 days. If convicted, driving privledges will be suspended for 1 year from conviction date. I have hired an attorney in NC to fight my case, but if convicted my understanding is I'll be treated as if the DWI occurred in WV. If this happens, will I be eligible for interlock after 15 days as in WV, or will this be denied to me because my suspension is for 1 year in NC? This is first offense, Breath test of 0.13, no agrivating factors, and no property damage.
You will probably want to consult an attorney in WV as well, and don't wait until the NC case is done and over with....
If you enter and pass a pretrial diversion program for a DUI do you then have to admit to it later?
I was in WV and got my first offense for a DUI. I entered a pretrial DUI diversion program and I passed the program completely. Do I have to admit to future employers about the DUI? Or since I passed the diversion program is it not something I have to admit?
In theory, one year from your dismissal date, and once the presiding Magistrate has signed off on your record...
Will DUI Conviction appear on Driving Record if successfully complete deferral option for first time DUI offenders in WV.
First time DUI offender with BAC <.15; offense occurred in West Virginia, Driver is licensed and lives in Florida. I plan on pursuing the deferral route so that the criminal offense may be expunged in time. My question is, what is recorded on the driving record when going the deferral route? My insurance policy states points will be assigned for DUI "Convictions." My understanding is criminally under deferral a conditional guilty plea is entered, and no conviction is ever applied if you complete the deferral successfully. What about the DMV side of things? Thank you.
Provided that a conviction isn't transmitted to DMV in WV, or to Tallahassee, there should be no record of a conviction...
I received 2 years home confinement for 3rd offense DUI +felony. Can the two years be reduced at a certain point?
I've already spent 6 months on home confinement with work release and have had good behavior. Can my home confinement be reduced?
If the Prosecuting Authority were to so agree and the Court accept the reduction agreement, yes. Otherwise, no.
Can I get my driving record expunged and I have 2 DUIs 7 yrs an older and I have suspenoin periods that I shouldn't have had.
I paid my citations to find out that the dmv had not updated my citations as paid. In short I lost my job on the rail road after 15 yrs and want to drive a truck but for obvious reasons probably won't be possible because of my driving record. Just looking for a chance to keep being a productive member of society.
The key is to get your WV driver's license in lawful status mode. Citation level offenses are points only and go off...
Impounded car on mistake still not resolved ?
We finally got papers from the DMV saying the license has never been suspended in the last five years so there for on the driving record it says they have never been suspended so we took it to the town and they said they would have to have a cop go over it but we have proof with state seal saying they was never even listed as suspended so shouldn't they have to drop everything and give us our vehicle back at no cost since they was never suspended according to the DMV
A lot more information is needed here. It sounds like you're talking about a driver's license showing as being...