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I was convicted of my third alcohol related driving offence in NY (DUAI in 02, DUI 02, DUI 10) will i be affect by the new laws.
my license was revoked for 1 year. i was able to reapply 5/12 but i could not at the time. New law regarding multiple DUI's in effect 09/12. here is a link to the basic outlines of law
An interesting question. My advice is to apply (if you are now able) and see what action DMV takes on your...
I pled to a dwi aggrevated about a month ago. I have no probation, got charged with disorderly conduct two nights ago.
Will this effect my sentencing of my dwi?
It may effect your sentence. Getting arrested for anything between plea and sentence can have an effect. Speak to your...
How do i vacate a dwai ticket from 1992?
this is my 3rd in 25yrs 1 in 1992 1 in 2002. 1in 2013 can i get a liesence back if 1992 is vacated?
Assuming you were convicted of DUI or DWAI you cannot just vacate it. You need a legal basis.
What does probation do if I have 3 years for a DUI conviction and 9 months later I became homeless?
I lost my apartment because I was laid off of work and couldn't pay rent. What will probation do?
It is hard to definitely say what probation would do. In order to be on probation you need to have a permanent...
No permission from probation for DWI in NY, leave to California, is a felony?
Also I should be able to get a license in Cali since its not based on my probationary status right? Ive been on probation in NY for 7 months so I believe my license is good to go...
I suggest that you refrain from leaving New York unless or until you have completed your probation or supervision of...
I got my very first Dui last night. Blew .24. Are they going to put me in jail?
The officer also gave me a ticket for no insurance and I do have insurance. It comes out of my bank every month.
A first time dui with a high breath carries additional penalties in Florida but usually no jail, depnding upon other...
Is it possible to have an old suspension removed from a dmv abstract for employment purposes
i applied for a job with the postal service and everything was a go untill they seen i had a suspension listed on my abstract,the suspension was taken care of two years ago and was for something very minor however for the postal service it needs to be five years old.
Suspensions are cleared through DMV by the court that suspended your license, except where the suspension is cleared...