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time limit a prosecutor has to charge someone with a crime before they cant charge them on dist cont sub sec 2 class b felony?
In 3 of 2016 i was involved in a drug buy where Ci came to my house in truck driven by under cover cop when they arived the cop gave Ci 100 bill to purchase drugs from me its then said that Ci got out of truck came to my door then went back to truck told cop that i would be out in a min then says i arived to the truck short time later with narcotics, I then handed Ci a bag which was then given to cop driving truck goes to say that cop later on sent bag to state lab for weight and to test it says bag came back weighing .64 and tested positive for methamphetamines didnt have knowledge of investigation or drug sting till i got checked for warrents on 06/02/2017
Three years. See the statute here: Also, be...
A friend got a DWI in state of wa.he did 8 months.he is suspended. He got stopped in mo. What will happen?
Moved from Washington to Missouri. Got out of jail November .
What was he stopped for? Speeding? DUI? The answer to your question of "what will happen" also depends upon whether...
Is there a way to drop a DUI charge from a Missouri record if it didn't occur in MO?
My husband was arrested for DUI in Minnesota. When arrested, he had a MO license but was going to school and living in MN. He took care of all the MN requirements to reinstate his license, including paying the MN reinstatement fee, but at the DMV in MN was denied due to the fact that MO had flagged him as an 'invalid driver.' He was then told to call MO- now they also want him to take the classes they require and pay the MO reinstatement fees (event though he would not be getting a MO license anyways) even though the conviction took place in MN and all requirements in MN were met, and he lived in MN at the time. Additionally, this took place nearly 2 years after his MO license expired (he had a MN state ID in the meantime- after conviction but for 2 years before trying to get his license back, issued as a MN license). Additionally, MO will require him to carry an SR-22 which MN does NOT require after a DUI; increasing his insurance costs significantly over the next few years. How can we get MO to drop these ridiculous requirement when he didn't live in MO at the time, and the DUI didn't take place in MO either?
He will need an experienced attorney, licensed in MO and familiar with MO traffic court (usually DUI attorneys). You...
What is the likely outcome of a class D felony persistent offender dwi in Missouri with 2 class A misdemeanors ?
My friend has been charged with a class d felony dwi with 2 misdemeanors one driver on wrong side of the road and second driving on a suspended licence. This make his 3rd dwi in a 10 yr span.
The devil is in the details with all criminal cases. A lot depends on where the charges are being prosecuted and the...
Is it possible to appeal a evidentiary diversion revocation hearing's ruling, shall it not be in my favor?
Graduate student- charged with first time DUI in 2014- no record prior. Entered into pre-trial diversion which I completed flawlessly, no failed U/A-Breathalyzer, no missed apts, my D/O concluded my case would be dismissed upon my last appt Dec 2016. In March 2016 I received a notice of revocation of my previously completed diversion. This was due to a police report nearly a year prior that named me in a group of over 18 individuals that were halted by police for being rowdy outside a bar. I was never on bar property. Infact this incident was well over 2000-ft from the bar and I had only showed up minutes before to pick up friends. After explaining to police they took my statement, license, and let me be the first to drive off with the friends I came to pick up (they ended up letting everyone go). My name was on police report, thus it flagged the prosecutor at end of diversion background check. After 18 months of prosecutor plea's my attorney has now set case for an evidentiary hearing. I do not live in the state anymore, and travel frequently as a consultant. I am not guilty, and do not want placed back on div/charged for DUI. If judge rules against, can I appeal? Thx
Some might say you should be directing all of your questions to your lawyer - that is what you are paying your lawyer...
How do I protest the findings of the SATOP interview.?
I am a 45 year old female with schizorphenia. I have never had any previous DWI and this was a someone reporting I hit a curb and having a policeman come to my home and taking in for a breath test. I did the SATOP interview and was very nervous and really didn't know what they were wanting from me. I am now told that I am a level II for repeat or high risk consumers. I am not!! I live in an approved program setting for mental ill persons, I have letters stating from my Doctors, caseworker and program personnel that I am conplinent with all medications and rules. I only have SS and SSI as income which is $754 a month. I pay rent, insurance and buy groceries and person items. I had to borrow money from my guardian to get me out of jail and to hire a lawyer. I think the level II is too severe. I did finish the MADD program.
You can file a petition in the circuit court where the assessment was performed to modify the SATOP requirement. Hire...
Hhow ca I find out if I have been indicted ?
I was at 2 larger drug busts one by the feds and I have had expired tags since March n don't get pulled over
Federal indictments are generally sealed. So you can have someone look on PACER to see if your name comes up but it is...