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Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Probably not, they will find you guilty if you fail to appear, forfeit your bond, fine and sentence your, place a...
Can I sue wall mart for been insulted from on of his employees.
Went to wallmart last night to buy an electronic item, when I wanted to check out an employee left his cash register and approached me and spit on me and waved his hand over his nose as if he smelled something bad and when I asked him why he did that he said it's because he is "sick". I reported his manager but I feel very sad and humiliate.
First, this is not an Employment question, and I am relisting it as a Discrimination issue, since that's the only thing...
Will Michigan allow Pennsylvania to extradite me over a misdemeanor DUI 2nd offense?
Will Michigan allow Erie Pennsylvania to extradite me for misdemeanor DUI with refusal??
Why do you think that Pennsylvania would send two police officers to Michigan to fly a prisoner to Erie so they can...
Can I fight this and get my license back sooner, is this law even still in affect?
I lost my license to the Michigan 3 dui's in 5 years law. I still have nearly 2 years until I can apply for my license back. One of the three dui's was dropped down so it would not count, and I would not be a felon.
Yes it is still the law that 2 drinking & driving convictions (or more) in a 7 year period (now) results in automatic,...
My son got mip walking down the road... now it shows on his driving record.. How can I get it off and why would it be on driving
he admitted to drinking but had no alcohol on his person..
Sadly, there are several types of offenses that are reported to the Sec of State, like your son's MIP, that may not...
Can I get my license back after a drunk driver hit my van?
In december 2009 my seperated husband was over visiting kids. i was asleep and he did a kind gesture and drove my older daughter and her fiance home. he took my van while i was sleeping and drove them home. he pulled off our street and was rear ended at 100 mph by a drunk driver. we went to court several times but for the final date we didnt get the paper that was mailed because we moved and we missed last date. no insurance on the drunk drivers girlfriends car. about 3 yr later i found out that my license was suspended. my truck was towed and i was left standing on the side of the road. now after all this they took my license because they say i owe 38000 to the state of michigan. can i fix this ?
Really puzzling. If your car was rear ended and the driver of your car was not intoxicated, it seems as tho something...
Will my PO call me if I failed an ETG. Or will I just get mailed notice?
I took my ETG on the 9th. I may have failed it. (Medication) and I have a meeting with her on the 22nd. Would she call me to tell me I failed or just wait to tell me on the 22nd?
Was you medication alcohol based? I can only imagine the anxiety you must be feeling. I suspect she will just wait...