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My ex husband got a DUI, 2.12 BAC. He is an F-16 pilot and AA pilot. How will this effect his flying career?
Details included
That would be up to the military and I can't imagine they will be too happy letting him operate a multi million dollar...
Tn residant On business in vt charged with dui will tn dmv findout
Hired lawyer he told me to travel back to tn and he would try to resolve so I would not have to return to vT
Any administrative license actions or convictions will be reported to your home state.
I am in Vermont and I want to file a continuation for my DUI case.
I do not yet have an Attorney due to finances. I will have enough money at the end of this month for the retainer fee, is this a good enough reason to file for? I do not know what to put in the letter. I plead Not-Guilty on Sept 24th and my next hearing is scheduled for 10/9/2013 based on me filing a Notice of intent to hire a Lawyer with the court. My next mandatory appearance after Oct 9th is Nov 6.
Go ahead and write the letter to the court and explain it just the way you have here. There doesn't need to be any...
Can a person with a DUI (paid fine) in 2009, and one in 2010 (paid fine) be considered a "habitual drunkard" for naturalization
The person did not drink habitually, and no longer is drinking, has held a permanent residency since 2005.
No, but may be considered lacking moral character.
Legal for cops to Video tape me in my own home, breaking no laws just being drunk??
cops got called because i was drunk and unresponsive.....the cops video taped me drunk on the floor for 5 minutes they claim.....i think to show DCF because i have 2 teenagers and have had DCF in our life off and on for years.......they did call DCF as they always do....i feel they video taped me for DCF like they are trying to build a case or something? is it LEGAL for them to video tape me in my own home, breaking no laws, just being drunk?
Police not only investigate crime, they also perform a community caretaking function. They may knock on doors to check...
What if an officer asked me to operate a vehicle after the officer suspected i was intoxicated?
I was pulled over, the officer already suspected i was intoxicated and then instructed me to move my vehicle across a public road to an adjacent parking lot
I'm not sure why you think it would affect the question of whether, prior to the officer's pulling you over and...
My husband is on FSU/Probation the police never caught him driving or around cars or keys can they still charge a DWI/OR DUI
My husband was home and had a few to drink he does not drink ever and weighs 120 pounds 22ys of age. The police were outside and asked about the man who was driving the car that was seen by the neighbor said a male driving.Police had seen some one in the bushes told him to stop put his hands up and arrested my husband and is trying to give a DUI or DWI but he is already on a kind of probation FSU and he made marks in the lawn and tried to run from the police to give me a kiss goodbye I am trying to stay positive but my husband has four months to max what do you think, they didnt see him with keys or driving or in the car it was 2 am in the morning when its really dark this person said she saw not him a male can you tell me whats the possibility of comming out of jail with few work crew/oth
First, if he's already on Probation, he may not be allowed to imbibe alcohol as part of the restrictions of Probation....