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Does your family situation affect your sentencing at all?
If the judge is told that you have a child that will have to go into foster care if you are sentenced to jail, is he or she less likely to have you do jail time? The charges are for DUI's.
Q: If the judge is told that you have a child that will have to go into foster care if you are sentenced to jail, is...
Can i get a dui in a walmart parkig lot dropped, had sober passenger that drove me there.
I recieved a dui in a walmart parking lot about a month ago. Me and a friend we headed back from a friends house and he was sober i was not. He managed to drive my 5 speed standard car to a walmart parking lot and i switched spots to give him a few pointers on how to not trash my clutch once we leave to go the rest of the wat home. The cop pulled me over for driving in a circle in a parking lot. Is it possible to get this dropped since i did not drive on public roadways at all?
DUI only requires control and being under the influence. Private property is not a defense. You could have been...
Am I eligible for the ignition interlock system in the state of Pennsylvania
Plead guilty to dui, General Impairment on 08/04/2017. This is my first offense. I received no driver's license suspension as a result of the dui conviction. I am about to start a 12 month driving privilege suspension on 10/06/2017 for refusing blood analysis at the time of my arrest. Am I eligible for the ignition interlock immediately upon suspension?
You can find your answer on one of the pages linked here:
What is my friend looking at while being pulled over on DUI suspension?
My friend was driving my car because I was extremely sick an throwing up. He for pulled over for speeding. The cop was nice and my friend was completely honest an told him he is on DUI suspension. He's in a halfway house right now living. What is the charges or jail time he's looking at?
The sentence for a 1543B - Driving Under Suspension for a DUI related suspension - is 60 to 90 days in jail, $1000 fine...
Is it normal for a judge to order a TAD alcohol monitor on me for DUI highest rate 1st offense with 2 prior conviction 17 years?
Arrested November 2016 DUI highest rate after minor collision no injury or restitution. I lost my job because I was a Cdl driver but accident was in my car..Only charge was DUI highest rate .259..I voluntary attended 6 months individual counseling and 6 weeks group while awaiting sentencing. In the 8 months since DUI got in no trouble and also attended some AA meetings too. Was just sentenced July 5 2017 too 72 hrs jail 1000 $ fine plus cost 6 months probation which is understandable. I feel the additional 6 months stipulation on TAD monitoring at a cost off 105$ a week is too harsh considering I did the other treatments before court ordered. Do I have any options for recourse can't really afford the TAD and uncomfortable still seeking regular employment.
You should ask your attorney. Comfort is not going to be a deciding factor. It sounds like you took a plea bargain...
When I get off probation for 2nd dui can I get concealed carry permit back in pa
Got 2 duis first time they never took it my second one they took my permit was just wondering in pa if I'd have a problem getting it back
I was just wondering if you posed your question to your experienced criminal defense attorney??? You did have one didn'...
Will my civilian charges (DUI) effect my military career?
I'm in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. I received a DUI as an underage driver in the state of Maryland on a weekend trip. I have not yet had my trial, and there are multiple options for me to pursue, one of them being probation before judgement. The issue with this is I don't know if probation will automatically disqualify me from continuing my service? I have already spoken to my commander and received a Letter of Reprimand and a lecture, but I was essentially told that I was being given a second chance. I was told by my commander that they used to wait for the civilian trial to choose punishments but they recently changed that due to lengthy periods of suffering. I suppose what I'm asking is, will my civilian charges effect me even though I was told I was going to be able to stay in? Also, what sort of plea should I attempt to receive if so? Thank you in advance for any information.
You should consult a JAG attorney.