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3rd DWI in 10 years
My inlaw got his 3rd DWI in 10 years in Monticello Sullivan county New York . I'm trying to figure out the best options for him. What is the usual sentence for this offense?
He needs to consult a very experienced criminal defense attorney immediately - and someone who has handled serious DWI...
Can this E-Felony be dropped to a misdemeanor?
I am awaiting sentencing , my charges are Leander Law ( Activated DWI minor in car ) ( E - Felony ) ( First time offender ) , Leaving scene of personal injury accident , possession of controlled substance in the 7th , U . P . M . , and changing lane unsafely . ( All misdemeanors ) . I spent 2 months in jail , and just completed 6 1 / 2 months in in - patient rehab , i am currently attending outpatient . My legal aid wants me to take 5 yrs Felony Probation , but that's my first offer . Can it be dropped to a misdemeanor ?
The prosecutor could offer a misdemeanor plea but it is unlikely. You can ask your attorney if the court and the...
When can I get my drivers license back due to a DWI after having it revoked for a minimum of 6 months?
My license was suspended due to a DWI on June 2, 2009. I was convicted Sept.15, 2009 of a DWI Misdemeanor first time offender. My license was revoked for a minimum of 6 months on Oct. 5, 2009. Will I be able to get it back on Dec. 2, 2009 or will it be April 5, 2010 (6 months from my conviction date)? I am on 3 yrs probation, but the court gave me permission to get a conditional license without my probation officers permission? Would I be able to apply to the DMV for my license in December? What should my next step be? Thanks for any advice given.
First step - contact the DUI attorney who represented you on the case if you had one. If you didn't, make a trip to...
I was convicted of a DWI in my personal car with 6 month license revoktion. I had a I get it back in 6 months also?
I had an aggrevated dwi, but it was dropped to a DWI. Its my first offense. I've never been in any trouble before. I also received 3 yrs probation-can this time also become less if I am behaved? My license is revoked for 6 months, do I get my cdl class A back in 6 months or do I have to wait 1 year? My license was suspended in June, but I was convicted in Sept. when does the revokation start in June or in Sept? My lawyer said my counselor and him could get me my cdl back sooner then a this true, and if so, what would be the soonest? Thank you for any advice that is offered. I am located in New York State.
Unfortunately every state operates license suspensions differently. In Texas, for a first DWI offense, they lose their...
Is it permissible to me magistrated while severely intoxicated
In the scenario where one gets a DWI and gets arrested and put before a judge / magistrate within 30 mins of being in custody without going to the drunk tank to have time to sober up. Clearly sitting before the judge obviously appearing to be severely intoxicated, which would effect the judges overall opinion on the case and ruin first impression. In result, this would completely ruin your chances of fighting the charges and/or having any kind of defense because you have already formulated the opinion that you are guilty before a judge. This would be the same judge you have a future court date with and the judge could use that against you in the court of law. Is this permissible?
Seems just plain stupid to force the disqualification of the judge. He cannot be your judge if you move to have him...
Can my wife posess a handgun If I was convicted of 2 felony DWI's 28 yrs ago
My wife got pistol permit getting gun I don't want to have trouble if I'm not supposed to be around Gun I haven't drank in 7 yrs
If you're not suppose to be around a gun, don't have one at your home.
My husband had a Smart Start interlock device installed. I am having trouble using it because of asthma. What can I do?
My husband is 64 and made a mistake and drove after a couple of drinks. This was his first offense and arrest in his life. He had to install the interlock device. The problem is I have asthma and cannot blow for the time needed. Today I was stranded on the side of an interstate highway. I am not familiar with the device and panicked when it started beeping and counting down. With seconds left, I pulled onto the shoulder and mistakingly turned the car off (I thought I had to). It would not restart and I almost called 911 for help. My husband came to the scene and helped me. At this point, I use the car most of the time. It is our only vehicle. It seems I will not be able to drive for a year. I feel the state is punishing me for his mistake. Do I have any recourse?
Yes. You can have the vehicle transferred into your name and submit an affidavit that you will not permit your husband...