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Will i go to jail or be urine tested?
I was charged with m.d.o.p of plants, shrubs, trees... Ect.(turfing)200$-1000$. I spun a few donuts in a field. I took a plea of less than 200$. And plead no contest. I go for sentencing in a few days and was wonderin if i will get drug tested.
Maybe. But, if you have already had a presentence interview with probation and you weren't tested then, chances are...
Is their a limitation on this?
On march first 2013 i recieved a dui in michigan while on parole. Went to jail but was never arraighned. i served 38 days in a program and was placed on alchohol teather just fore the violation. Now over two years later and i have yet to be contacted. No warrents still to this day. am i all clear?
If there is no warrant let that sleeping dog lay.
I just received a dui last month and I received my audio video. I can tell it has been tampered with.
I get sentence next week and I took the plea. Once I received and reviewed my audio video, it shows my blowing one time, but in reality I blew four times and the video does not show that. I also didn't received my in house video that shows me blowing four times. How can I prove it has been tampered with?
Why did you plead without seeing all there evidence? Are you saying you are actually innocent?
I have three duis within ten years time in michigan, is there any way to maybe get a restricted to and from work?
i got 1st in 2004 my second in 2007 and my third in 2008 but wasnt convicted until 2009.
The Michigan Secretary of State can tell you exactly when you are eligible to apply for a driver's license again. It...
Can you be charged with a DUI on a golf cart in a private camp grounds?
This is a private campgrounds with only trailers you have to own.
Whether you can be charged with DUI driving a golf cart in a private campground is a matter of state law. Some states...
License restoration after 2duis and 2 dwls?
I currently hv revoked license...due to two dui convictions, although I actually hv 3 1999, 2009 and 2013. The first 2 were counted as 1st offenses! I completed sobriety court and probation without a problem and arranged a appeal in 2015 and lost! Up to this point I still had the baid device and didn't hv it removed for additional 6 one at Secretary of State could tell if I should hv it cuz my license was showing revoked not restricted with baid! I would like to get my license back but now I am facing a 2nd dwls charge and this had been in the past 6 months...I am sober since the last dui and I do not attend meetings anymore for personal reasons! Both times I was pulled over was from simply running my plate on my car...neither time had I violated any roadway laws aside for dwls... is there any hope for my license to be restored?
States typically offer "conditional" or otherwise "restricted" licenses if you can establish that an actual or...
How intoxicated is to intoxicated
If a person has a sexual relationship with someone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics how impaired would a person have to be and what elements would have to be proved for a csc charge
The answer isn't cut and dry, but fact specific. If the person has ingested enough alcohol or narcotics to be mentally...