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My brother got a dui about two weeks ago he is a daca member would that affect his daca work permit ?
My brother got charge with dui about two weeks ago he was not driving he was park in a trailer park he has no felony charges prior to this can he get deported because his a daca member as well but still waiting on his new permit to be ship
This is not a violent crime question; It is an immigration question. If you want to increase your odds at getting a...
What impact will Birchfield v North Dakota have on cases where the defendants where convicted on blood tests alone no breath tes
DUI in hospital, police did not have warrants for testing
While your question is not clear, the rule of law in Birchfield v. North Dakota will have little or no effect in the...
What is the meaning of the following sentence ordered by a judge for DUI: 6month jail/24 month suspended sentence
What is the meaning of the following sentence ordered by a judge for DUI: 6month jail/24 month suspended sentence
It's difficult to read a docket out of context, but that looks like the judge imposed 6 months of jail time and...
How long does DUI stay on dmv record?
I am applying for ABC liqueur license and they want to know if I have been convicted of one and perfer not to tell them if I don't have to.
Can the automatic suspension be stopped if my hearing officer was hospitalized and can't reschedule before the suspension date?
I was arrested for a dui and asked for a dmv review. The officer made me take the breathlayzer multiple times and didn't read my Miranda rights. My original date conflicted with my relatives funeral. So, I rescheduled. Now, I found out the hearing officer fell ill.
There are numerous things that could happen, depending on what is going on. A review is different than a hearing...
How long am I disqualified from CDL driving for misdemeanor Possession of marijuana, per DOT regulations. Prior to CDL licen
I was charged with possession of marijuana, misdemeanor, 11/22/2013. My current job a CDL driving position told me today I am disqualified from being promoted to solo driver due to DOT regulations after completing three weeks of training.
Your inquiry is leaving out some critical facts. You state that you were "charged" with possession of marijuana (...
I know that some drug convictions lead to suspension of driving privileges. Will a paraphernalia conviction hurt my D.L.?
Alabama convicted of drug paraphernalia have a cdl
No. See, Code of Alabama, 1975, section 13A-12-291. There is no driver license suspension for conviction of paraphernalia.