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I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls
I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls me back on Monday? What if they're busy with other cases?
It is best to attempt to get a hold of another DUI attorney. It is better to be proactive. I will be in my office for...
Have been accused of refusal to blow for DUI when I blew 3 times. 1 in field and 2 at station. What are chances of dismissal?
I got a DUI, do not know what I blew in the field. Passed walk. Went to the station and blew 2 more times, accused of refusal. I have asthma and asked for my inhaler. Made me blow again before giving me the medicine. Also, on divigel daily, a gel that rubs into your skin (96% alcohol). Attorney is taking straight to trial. I did not refuse to blow and was very cooperative. i was told to sign something i didn't understand and stated I would like to speak with someone before i signed anything. The arresting officer offered to read it to me. As he was reading he was not reading word for word and passing over details. I did not have my glasses and wasn't comfortable in trusting the officer after his demeanor changed when I said I wanted to speak with an attorney before I signed anything.
You have an attorney. What are you hoping to get from lawyers who do not know the specifics of your situation or the...
When I move to Oregon, can I get a driver's license even though I have had 3 dui's in WA?
I am moving permanently to Oregon. I have had three dui's in WA the most recent is over 9 years since conviction, 10 plus years since incident.
If WA is still suspending your driver's license, another state is not going to issue you a driver's license. All the...
Is it illegal for her to tell me she loves me when in fact I know she doesnt?
She never looks me in the eyes and its frustrating and depressive I feel like if she had to do a lie detector test it would come out negative I have mannic depression from this, I've tried taking my life, I'm on Prozac cause my psychiatrist thinks I'll attempt again.
In general, lying is not illegal. This sounds like something to discuss with your psychiatrist more than a lawyer.
Are cops supposed to dispose of drug paraphernalia if asked
I found paraphernalia (drugs,pipeand needles) in my brothers backpack. I called and asked the police if I could turn it into them for proper disposal. An officer called and told me to just throw it in a trash can. I asked if they had a sharps container he stated that he just throws the needles in the garbage so I should do the same. Is he supposed to dispose of them accordingly or just throw them in the trash?
Police are under no obligation to do as you ask. They are also not medical devise disposal experts. Either throw it in...
Revocation on deferred prosecution
Okay, so I am on a DF for my 2nd dui. In the first month of treatment I failed a UA, but since then I have 4 clean ones going to be 5. In the past couple of months I drank a beer with friends but waited for the time to pass until I turn on my car. I passed the test, but will my PO see those results since there could be an acute amount of alcohol in my system? And will that hurt my chances. What is likely to happen.
You need to stop talking about this over the internet and talk to your attorney. I assume you have one. If you don't...
If an undocumented person gets arrested for drunk driving and is married to a U.S citizen, can deportation be avoided?
The person has been arrested before for the same reason, but was released because the jail was full.
I would direct your question to a qualified Immigration Law attorney. The undocumented individual who has TWICE been...