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My vehicle was seized for driving on revoked when to court charges dismissed can I get my truck back
No more to add it happen on Dec.3 and on Dec. 4 got my license back went to court yesterday charges dismissed if fines paid and community service is done I have paid fines in full community service pending I'm disabled can't compete.
Have you tried to get it back? Assuming you have a valid license and insurance there's no reason for them to continue...
What happens now that a MTR had been filed? Read details please.
I'm been on felony probation for three years but I'm supervised in Tennessee. My probation was supposed to end today, but Texas filed a MTR last week. It was for a dui that I got a month ago. But I'm fighting that charge and it's been postponed for a couple months. Will I be extradited before I even have my day in court? All of my fees and fines are paid.
States normally won't send you to another state until your charges are resolved in the home state.Usually if you get a...
Before being placed under arrest for dui does police have the right to search your pick up truck
i stopped at a local gas station for fuel and the person working made the assumption i was intoxicated which i wasn't and that i had a hand gun they call police and they track me down and say to step out and do a field check i had fallen days prior down a hill running a piece of steel clean through my hand well the officer says i didn't do so well and i refuse his blood test well before even being placed under arrest he searches my vehicle does he have the right to do that because really no crime had been committed no victims or anything but the assumption of a store clerk and do i have the right to face this clerk in court as well the only thing i done wrong was take my medicine the dr prescribed me and hurt from the fall i took does that give consent to search cause i sure didn't give it
You need counsel. You need counsel that understands both DUI and DUI based on drugs (your medication). You need to...
Does a judge have the right to tell a man that he didn't look like a Civil Engineer when he was receiving a sentence for a DUI?
A 33 YEAR OLD MALE WAS RECEIVING A SENTENCE FOR HIS THIRD DUI. The male had been clean for six years or so and went to a welcome party and a cop was waiting outside the bar to arrest someone. The man had recently graduated from Tn Tech engineering school and when the judge asked him about his education, the male said, "I am a civil engineer", at that time, the judge said, "YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE A ENGINEER". (The courtroom went quiet). The male is from OLD KY and his strong KY accent was a give away. I think the judge was prejudice. The male got 45 days in local jail then has to serve 10 months in rehab.
There is nothing illegal about the judge's statement. Far from prejudiced, it sounds like he got a great deal. The...
Probation for DUI .
Hey I'm on probation for DUI and I got arrested like 2 weeks ago for PI , what is going to happened to me if I report that to PO ? please help I'm so scared I don't want to go jail anymore :(
The question really is, what will happen if you don't report it. The chance that your PO will not find out about the...
I was caught by police for underage consumption while I was at the bar with my friends, I was in Tennessee.
I showed up to the court, and I got a document called "pre-trial diversion - general sessions." I missed the second court date. Now I live in Oregon, and I am trying to get a green card after I marry to an American. I need to get a "background" document from police in order to show my innocence, but will police find out my record of "underage consumption" in Tennessee? And I don't know if "underage consumption" is a part of "background" which would be the problem when I'm getting green card. I called public offender to pay fine, but he told me I can't, since I missed my court date, I would be in jail for at least 10 days. Is there any way I can get rid of this guilty? Is there anyway I can ask for lawyer?
Listen to your lawyer. Your problem isn't going away because you left the state. If you were finger printed it will...
I have a "carrying a handgun while intoxicated" charge with out a permit in tn
I was in cookeville tn when I got this charge I live in Nashville tn but I was wondering what the charge is for this crime I never made it in the bar the bouncers found it before I went in I'm not your typical thug I grew up on a farm and brought it to play pool I. A area that I was unfamiliar and heard of people being assaulted or worse at some of these establishments
Unfortunately, it is illegal to even possess a firearm if you're under the influence of any controlled substance,...