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I have a court date for DUI
Hit a parked car due to black outs, I have a mengenioma. Got arrested for DUI. Passed the breath test that wasn't good enough, cops took me to get a blood test and arrested me. I got a ticket to appear in court then received a letter of court date changing the date three months after the first court date. Should I get an attorney
I'm assuming you did not have any alcohol or drugs in your system? If so, you probably don't need an attorney for the...
How do I get a restricted license after I have been convicted of a DUI
I have been convicted of a DUI and I was able to get a grant for a restricted license by the superior court, however I am underage (19) and wanted to know where I am suppose to go from here in order to obtain my restricted license. Do I still need to file another petition to the DMV?
I would be surprised to find that Ca did not have a process for the issuanceof some form of restricted license or...
Projected Release date
My boyfriend was sentenced to State Prison for 16 months due to his fifth time DUI within 10 years. When I search at the LA County Sheriffs, they state "SP3" which means his paper is in process to Prison, but under the heading "RELEASE", they state the projected release date is 12/12/2009. Does that mean he will be release from state prison on that date? He was sent to jail on 8/21/2009, how come suddenly he can be released so early? Should he be in state prison for at least half of the sentence, i.e. 8 months? Thanks in advance for your advice!
Did he do anytime in county jail while waiting for the case to resolve? Good luck with the situation. Matthew...
How long do it take for charges to be filed for a DUI
My daughter got arrested for an DUI September 14 she was told to appear in court on October 14 she goes to court and they say no charges has been filed but they want her to call every month
If it's a misdemeanor case, the District Attorney has up to a year to file. If your daughter didn't request a DMV...
Will I get jail time on my DUI court date
1st DUI, I was arrested 5/6/16 @7:26pm I drove onto opposing traffic and hit 2 cars nd they were injured. I was realesed 8 hrs later and got a ticket to return to court 8/31/16, but I got an extension for 10/19/16, I was an inpatient in rehabilitation center from 5/29/16 then came out 7/18/16, had a court 7/6/16 for not staying at the rehab, then I went back from 08/07/16 to 10/01/16. I start work 10/17/16 md court is 10/10/16. What outcome can I expect to get jail time? I'm scared. Thank you Carolina Esquivel
It's too difficult to predict the outcome based on the facts you gave. More facts are needed. For example is case in...
Can a person be found guilty of a DUI if no sobriety test given ?
This is my boyfriend 3rd dui. He's been in custody for almost two months. The only evidence they have to convict him is priors from years ago and the officers statements. No sobriety test were given at all. He was initially stopped for expired tags and tinted windows. The officers just started he had red eyes , slurred speech and it spelled like alcohol
Was there a chemical test (breath/blood) done? Oftentimes there is no FST's done. Many of my cases as a prosecutor just...
Dui Question ?
My bestfriend was involved in a hit in run this past weekend. He hit a parked car and was stopped by the police moments later. He had alot of beers and mixed drinks.He refused the sobriety test. They took him to jail and release him 18 hours later. He had 4 dui within the last 10 years. Whats the best and wrost case scenario ?
If he is truly your best friend, get them into rehab or at the very least daily AA meetings before he kills someone....