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Does my bf need an attorney? what can he say or do to represent himself? and can he win ?
my boyfriend was arrested on domestic violence and a dui. he was no where around the vehicle and took a pas at the station maybe arround 3:20 am. he was arrest around 2:40 am. he admitted he was driving and his last drink was at 6 pm his alcohol percentage was .13. please what can he do he is currently on probation on a prior dui he already paid his dues on that.
I think you already knew the answer, yes he needs a lawyer. There are too many facts to go over as to how they can...
What are my chances of getting a decent public defender for a 1st time DUI in the city of Monterey Park, CA.
I was involved in a traffic accident 4 years ago. I had cut all ties to my family which is where the Sheriff's have been looking for me. I have recently started speaking to my family again and was informed that there is a warrant out for my arrest. I never received a ticket or citation when the accident happened and no blood work or urine test was done. My family was informed that due to the fact that there was a 17 year old passenger in the car I was being charged with child endangerment. I am currently unemployed and have no funds to pay for a lawyer. Most of the jobs I have tried to apply for require a driver's license so I need to get this big mistake resolved. Should I turn myself in and cross my fingers that I get a public defender that will fight for me?
If you can’t afford a private attorney you need get a public defender. You do not want to handle this case on your own....
How do I get a restricted license after I have been convicted of a DUI
I have been convicted of a DUI and I was able to get a grant for a restricted license by the superior court, however I am underage (19) and wanted to know where I am suppose to go from here in order to obtain my restricted license. Do I still need to file another petition to the DMV?
I would be surprised to find that Ca did not have a process for the issuanceof some form of restricted license or...
Projected Release date
My boyfriend was sentenced to State Prison for 16 months due to his fifth time DUI within 10 years. When I search at the LA County Sheriffs, they state "SP3" which means his paper is in process to Prison, but under the heading "RELEASE", they state the projected release date is 12/12/2009. Does that mean he will be release from state prison on that date? He was sent to jail on 8/21/2009, how come suddenly he can be released so early? Should he be in state prison for at least half of the sentence, i.e. 8 months? Thanks in advance for your advice!
Did he do anytime in county jail while waiting for the case to resolve? Good luck with the situation. Matthew...
I have no idea what to expect for a old dui.
What should I expect. When I go to court for a old dui that happen in 2009. I don't think I was still on probation when I got pulled over on 2014. Then I had news for a warrant I had even though I finished the dui program and payed my fines. I have no idea what to expect .
You should speak to the lawyer who represented you in 2009. If you didn't have one or don't like them, get a new one...
Sentenced to 30 days at irc with 1 days credit for 2nd dui. How long will he actually be in for?
My boyfriend was charged with a second dui and sentenced to 30 days with 1 days credit to irc. How long will he actually be in irc for? He is going in this weekend, Memorial Day weekend.. Will that make a difference?
14 days at the most. Probably less. Who knows?
Drunk Driving Arrests Result in Visa Revocations
I came to USA on a student visa and after graduating I started working on H1-b visa. I am working on H1-b visa since 7 years. 4 years back I got pulled over for DUI in los angeles. I pleaded guilty and after 3 years the case is dismissed aswell. Its been over an year now that the case is dismissed. I haven't been to the home country in over 6 years. I see in lot of blogs that consular office issues a Prudential revocation of your visa after the DUI and I never received any such notice. I also see in the blogs that folks receive different kinds of notices and I also see in the blogs that The prudential revocation of a visa stamp by the DOS should not disrupt the individual's legal status in the United States Please let me know if my status is revoked or how could I check if I was issued a prudential revocation.
Ask your counsel of record to investigate, however, all things considered it would be unreasonably harsh to assume your...